Jan 4, 2013

Movies of December Review

Life of Pi
So this movie was amazing. Amazing! I remember seeing the book in my high school library for a while, but never got a chance to pick it up. (It stood out to me because of the tiger design on the cover.) After seeing the trailer, and not knowing what the movie was really about, I was still excited to go see it. Even if it would suck, atleast it would look pretty, right? Well it was so much awesome. The story was great, I was never bored. The intro was sweet too, It was just so colourful and full of life. The tiger was amazing. I don't know if he was CGI the whole time, there were times where I forgot. It was beautiful! This movie was so touching. I even cried. Three times and I like, never cry. The effects and the whole feel of the movie was beautiful. I left the theatre thinking about this movie, and I thought about it for a while afterwards. I don't normally reflect on a movie after I've seen it. Usually it's just 'Wow that was good, that wasn't good. etc etc.' But once in a while you get to see one of these kinds of movies, and it just stays with you, in a good way. It has such a deep meaning. I can't wait to own this and re-watch it.
Not a movie for 'the family' but there isn't so much gore/blood that you'll (the faint of heart) want to run out of the theatre.
The Hobbit
 So we ended up watching this movie (our 60th movie in theatres) on Christmas day with Justin's family. Christmas this year landed on a tues, which is cheap night for us. Win. This movie was pretty good, I don't know why, I don't want to say it was amazing but I was happy going in and out of the movie. If you enjoyed LOTR then you'll like this. The start was a bit slow for me, I just wanted them to get going on the damn adventure... but then it did pick up. Oh, they made gollum super creepy in this movie, great acting. I read the books in grade 8, so I know what's coming up and I can't wait for the next two movies, especially the last one, of course!
Django Unchained
Ah, I do like my weird Quentin Tarantino movies. This movie surprised me, I didn't think I would have enjoyed it or laughed that much. A pretty wacky movie, sometimes a little too all over the place but I'm sort of used to that. I really, really enjoyed Christoph Waltz, (I love his voice) he just did such a good job with his character.


  1. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  2. i loved life of pi too! i tried to read the book last year and got bored. we are talking about seeing django tomorrow, i'm glad you said it was good! i wasn't sure if i wanted to go with travis.


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