Jan 23, 2013

Mushroom girl

This doodle was inspired by some artwork I saw on tumblr. I just really liked the idea behind it and I was sort of in the mood to draw some mushrooms too. I got the idea in my head to draw a mushroom girl with a mushroom for a head. However she looked weird without hair, (to me) like she was incomplete...
 After I added in the blue layer of hair I noticed she was starting to look a bit like Kaylah of The Dainty Squid. It wasn't really my intention to draw her but I decided it was better to just go with it than to fight it. So now it's a cute girl with blue hair wearing a sort of mushroom hat. In the final version, the rough colours will probably stay somewhat similar because I they they look cute. But some things will get altered a bit, as usual.
For anyone who's interested the mushroom in this drawings is the Amanita muscaria, you know the pretty red mushrooms with the white dots all over them.
I like it. I wanna do more girls with colourful hair, wearing different mushroom hats.

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  1. I love this - it's really adorable and I love the mushroom hat!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from Blargle Fargle. I love your art work!


  3. This is so great! Love Kaylah and LOVE your work!! You should totally do a series of these!

  4. she is so cute. i can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. So cute! I love the blue hair.
    And the detail on that collar is awesome

  6. She is so cute! For some reason her mushroom hat reminds me of the old charlie and the chocolate factory scene where the kids are in the candy room and the large mushrooms have a whipped cream like fluff for the white dots.


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