Jan 28, 2013

Photo an hour: January 26th

Got up, walked Cap and ate something.
Showered and then checked internet stuff, like emails, blogs, etc. 
10AM - 12PM
This is when I should have done a few hours of work. Instead I decided to do my nails and blast My Little Pony because whoever lives below me was blasting their music for about an hour.
1 - 2PM
Cleaning up a bit.
3 - 4PM
Finally getting out of the apartment to do some running around. Waiting for the subway which was super packed.
Dinner with a friend!
Heading back to Sean's place for a movie. This guys costume was pretty awesome so I had to take a picture.
Snacks while we watch a movie and no I did not finish that whole chocolate milk. But I sure tried.


  1. That looks like a normal, but very lovely day:) And I bet your dog is pretty excited about the snow!

    You have me craving chocolate milk now...


    1. Yeah, the days I end up doing taking pictures of 'photo an hour' posts, are usually not that exciting, but it's fun to look back at them months later to see what my typical day was like.
      Yes he gets super hyper when he sees snow!

  2. Sounds like it was good day to me!

  3. You know, when I saw the first picture on my newsfeed, I thought it was a chipmunk. Obviously I wasn't looking very closely, but that it what I thought. Crazy O.o
    Lovely pictures, Angel - that is a very awesome costume! :D

  4. ugh would love to do this too...stupid school getting in the way >.<

    1. do one anyway, i bet lots of people would love to see students days!


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