Feb 21, 2013

Hot yoga

Near the end of the year, (once I knew I would have a secure job and steady money coming in) I decided that I should join some classes to get more active and get out of the apartment. I had a few ideas, one of them was yoga. Justin and I started going to hot yoga mid January. We signed up for a one week trial but we knew after the first class that we would be coming back.
Even after just going to hot yoga for about a month (usually 3 times a week) I've noticed some changes already, like; wanting to eat better, drinking more water and tea, my back is getting stronger, I can stretch slightly passed my toes, getting better and better at the hard poses, skin feels softer, and I sleep a little better at night.
The photo above shows the poses we do in class, I thought it would be fun for me to go through which poses I like and which ones I need more work on. I plan to come back to this post in a few months or the end of the year and see what's changed.

1. This is a deep breathing pose to warm you up.
2. Because I can do this pose I pushed myself way too far the first time and made my sides hurt really bad the next day. Now I don't go as far down but work on staying straight and holding the pose. 
3. I like this one, first we go down like normal, then we go down on our tippy toes, and then we go down again on our tippy toes and squeeze our thighs together. 
4. One day I'll get my foot to curve around my leg. Right now it just kinda sticks out.
5. No where near getting this pose down. Once you get into the pose you're supposed to touch your head to your knee... oh man!
6. This is a fun pose, more about balancing than anything else. I can't get my back leg to go that high though.
7. This pose looks fun but it's hard. Keeping the leg up and straight is a challenge.
8. I can't wait to get my head to touch the floor, when it happens I'll probably scream!
9. A good strong pose, it's hard to hold though. This is also where I start sliding on my towel, it's pretty annoying.
10. You're supposed to touch your head to your knee, with a straight leg but I still have to bend my leg a bit to get it to touch.
11. I like this one, one of my favourites.
12. I thought this one would be an easy pose, but it's hard. For some reason your leg does not want to bend. A few days ago, was the first time I actually got into the full pose. (Yay me!)
13. I'm awesome at this pose.
14. This pose is alright. You're supposed to grab both legs after and hold your elbows but I can only grab my hands/wrists.
15. I've always been able to touch my toes, I want to go passed my toes. Touch my head to my legs. One day, it'll happen.
16. I like this pose a lot, good for strengthening your back.
17. A super awkward pose, it hurts my wrists and elbows but it's supposed to be good for that.
18. The fun I'm-an-air-plane-pose, works out your core.
19. I always have a super hard time getting into those pose and holding it. I'm super sweating by this time so grabbing my ankle is hard and then my hand slips.
20. I remember sitting like this when I was little, but now I'm pretty stiff I guess. I can almost get into this pose, fully.
21. When I get up from this pose I get dizzy, like every time!
22. Harder than it looks, I can't grab my ankles. I always think I'll fall and break something.
23. Don't like this pose, don't know why, maybe because it makes me super dizzy and I feel like I'm choking myself.
24. I'm alright with this pose, but could be better.
25. Can almost touch my knee with my hand when I'm fully twisted.
26. Breathing exersice, sometimes I'm awesome at it, sometimes I'm not.

What I like about hot yoga;
- You focus only on yourself. I never feel like I have to be as good as that other person, I just do the best I can and try to do a little better than last time.
- I love that the class is 90 minutes.
- The/My instructors are so nice and encouraging. They push me to want to do my personal best every time I go. They never make me feel bad if I can't get the full pose.
- I always feel tired/relaxed afterwards. It's why I always insist on later yoga times so I sleep extra good.
- I feel like I'm drinking more water and my skin feels softer.
- Hot yoga in the winter time is just awesome.
- Seeing different kinds of shapes and people there; tall, short, skinny, fat, young, old, and even pregnant.  It's great seeing all these different people, at different stages in their lives all come together to sweat in a room for 90 minutes.

What I don't like about hot yoga;
- Sometimes it smells when I first walk in the room.
- Sometimes other people smell pretty bad.
- Some instructors make the room a little too hot, and others, not hot enough.
- I have a hard time getting into some most poses because I'm so sweaty that I can't properly grip. Like gripping your leg and holding it. I can easily do it any other time but not when every part of me is sweating!
- Slipping and sliding on my towel... because I'm so sweaty.

Has anyone tried hot yoga? I know yoga has become more popular in the last little while... Any yoga lovers think they'd ever try hot yoga?


  1. I love yoga <3

  2. i have been interested in trying yoga, but hot yoga scares me! there is one right by my work but i HATE being hot more than anything! maybe i need to suck it up and give it a go!

    1. i think its worth giving it a shot. I hate being hot too. I especially hate sweating (leaving hot yoga all sweaty is so gross) but that shower right after is sooo nice and then I feel extra good.

  3. I love going to the gym but I usually do weights lifting to tone up and never tried Yoga...hot Yoga looks interesting and also useful !

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  4. Nice post! and nice blog anyway. Do you want to follow each other?;)

    Eka Theresia♥

  5. I've always wanted to try yoga! It looks so challenging.


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