Feb 16, 2013


I haven't posted any Instagram photos on here in a while, so...
1. Waiting for our pizza order. Captain was being very loud.
2. Some homemade sushi; rice, tuna, avocado, cucumber and red peppers.
3. Finally starting on some new paintings. Nine of them!
4. A quick shot of the snow storm as I was heading home. I was only 30 minutes late so, not bad.
5. One of the many bows I've been sewing up. Getting ready for Comic Con in a few weeks and getting a head start on Fan Expo in the summer.
6. Just a shot of me with make up on.
7. This picture just makes me laugh.
8. At the vet clinic. Looks like Cap had some crystals forming inside that could turn into stones (which means surgery!) So we got him some meds and new food. We'll have to keep him on this new food for the rest of his life probably, and it's special so we have to get it from a vet clinic instead of a pet store. Kinda sucks but it could be worse.


  1. That bow is realy cute, and it's exciting that you're starting some new paintings! xx


  2. Cute photos! Hope the doggie is ok!!! Love the bow :)


  3. ah I definitely need to paint some more! You've inspired me to start a new one when I get off work tonight :)
    Cap is the funniest thing! Hope he does well on his new food. My dog needs drops for ear infections every day so I understand the extra hassle for keeping your pet healthy. Totally worth it though, they're part of the family!

    1. Yay, painting after work is always so relaxing. And it's totally worth it for our pets. Just hope he'll never need surgery.

  4. a power rangers bow is just too much fun...love it!

    xo erica

  5. POWER RANGERS HAIR BOW!!!! Hell yes!
    I am sorry to hear about Cap. I know how serious urinary crystals can be. I hope the surgery goes smooth. Please keep us updated.

    1. Oh no surgery needed yet (or hopefully ever) if he stays on the food and the pills do their job.


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