Feb 27, 2013

Orchid show

A while ago, I went to an Orchid show in Toronto with my family. This was my second time going, I went two years ago and you can check out some of the pictures I took then over on flickr. This year I didn't spend much time checking out the flowers. There were lots of crowds around the flower displays and it was hard to get shots. I got tired of waiting for the big professional photographers to move. (Plant hoggers!) Some of the displays were very well lit and others were in total darkness. Really weird. 
But I did get a few shots but sadly I didn't get any pictures of the names of the species of orchid so please don't ask me what kind these are. I have no clue, they're just pretty.
My favourite subfamily of the orchids is the slipper orchid, (they have those pouches in the front.) I like the bumps on this one too.
These were pretty small, I love how bright they are.
How cool is this one?
I forgot the name of this one but it's my Dad's favourite, (I'm pretty sure.) He ended up buying one... we'll see how long it lasts. He is the orchid killer.
So pretty!
Look how awesomely this one grows, in a zig-zag!
And this is a shot of one of the vendors, lots of pretty orchids for sale. We all ended up getting a few orchids, I ended up getting a mini pink orchid. I don't have high hopes for it though, not that i'm a plant killer but orchids seems like they need extra care. If my orchid lives past a month I'll be super surprised.

Has anyone ever had an orchid? Did it last long?


  1. Orchids along with Jasmine's are my total favorite flowers! All these flowers are beautiful! My great grandma used to have orchid plants for each of us when we were younger that she kept for years. I have no clue how she knew what they needed but she did. I'm afraid to buy one because plants come to die at my house -_- Good luck with yours!

  2. These are pretty! I've been to a few gardens before and it sucks when a photographer takes too long in one spot xD

  3. I have a few orchids, and they don't need a ton of care. It sounds weird, but: once a week, put two ice cubes in there to water them. The ice melts slowly and is just the right amount of water to sustain them.
    Also, I do live in Florida and keep my orchids on my porch - the climate here could have something to do with it but I haven't had many problems with them!
    And I don't have much experience with plants.

  4. These are too pretty! You might want to have a nip over to my blog, some free advertising for you :D x

  5. Soo beautiful. I bet it smelt amazing.

  6. Beautiful. I once went to an orchid farm in Thailand. They had a butterfly farm next to it. It was great. But I can't have one; I could even let a cactus die haha

  7. i've always wanted one, but i KNOW i would kill it. i can't even keep a fern alive.


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