Feb 18, 2013

Thrifty finds

Here are the awesome things I found on my last thrifting visit.
First thing I found were these awesome mushroom salt and pepper shakers. I am in love with them! I don't know why but they remind me of my grandmas back in Poland. (I looked them up online and they're made in mexico... i think. Cool.) Sadly, I dropped one of them on the floor. (can you tell which one?) I'm kinda bummed about that but at least it didn't chip or break, just has some weird cracks in it now. Still beautiful.
I always find great mugs/cups when I go back home. This was totally meant for me!
Probably the most awesome thing I've ever found at Value Village. A unicorn running on a rainbow, through space, with a pretty awesome boarder. The first thing I saw was the boarder, I thought maybe it was a rug? (we need rugs) but it's actually really thin fabric. I was so excited to bring this baby home and I am so glad Justin thinks it's as awesome as I do, or else there would have been problems finding it some space on the wall. I think we'll be pinning it to one of our doors.

Have you found any cool stuff lately?


  1. haha, yes! that unicorn tapestry is super awesome :) and I love the salt & pepper shakers. I'm glad it just did that weird crackling thing and didn't break completely! what a lucky shaker ;D

    1. Ah tapestry! Yes that's the word for it. Haha, thank you.

  2. That unicorn rug is soo magical and I really wish I owned that Toronto zoo mug. The handle is the best.

  3. AH! the unicorn rug is so fantastic! Great find!

  4. Aww, love the mushrooms & unicorn tapestry - how awesome!!

    <3 Megan

  5. I haven't been thrifting in forever. I love that mug!!!!

  6. Eeee, amazing stuffs! <3



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