Mar 11, 2013

Around the apartment

I can't be the only person that really cleans their whole apartment right before people come over, right? We had a bunch of people come over for some junk food and movies not too long ago. Justin and I spent a few hours cleaning the whole apartment and afterwards I decided that it would be smart to take a few pictures because... this is as clean as it gets folks. Don't get me wrong we do clean but we don't really do stuff like; put all the stuff away, make the bed, clean every room in the apartment in the same day, sweep the floors more than once a day, etc. You know, there's other stuff to do.
So here are a few pictures around the apartment. Please note that it wasn't the brightest day to be taking pictures indoors, but I did anyways!
Going to start off with the dinning room, which is my work room. It also holds all our art supplies and our animation table. I love how colourful this area is!
A different angle.
The dinning room is connected to our small kitchen. We don't have much room so all those snacks in the corner on the counter is normal.
There is Justin's desk and his new figure display in the living room. Fancy.
Here is the rest of the living room. (this picture I posted last week, thanks for the nice comments!) That blue-futon-looking-thing is actually a chair that folds out into a single bed. We usually keep it folded up in chair form to save room but it was out for the extra people coming.
A different angle of the living room, looking into my room.
Here is a part of the bedroom, yeah it's boring. Not much is up on our (dirty) walls, but we don't spend much time in the bedroom during the day anyways. That's Justin's messy white dresser.
Different angle. My more colourful dresser with my more organized mess. Coats on the bed because we needed to make room in the hallway for guests. And keepin' it real with the dirty laundry in the corner.

And that's a little tour of my apartment. Looking at these pictures, makes me realize that I have a lot of wall space still. And it makes me want to put more stuff up in the bedroom, hallway (not pictured because there's no light) and the dinning room.


  1. Your appartment is BEAUTIFUL! I love how much colour you have, and there are so many things decorating your space, it's perfect. And yes, I cleaned like a nutter whenever my parents visited me when I was at uni too, ha! xxx

    1. thanks, ahh i remember living at school and my mom would come to pick me up. I'd have to actually vaccum, haha.

  2. I love your apartment! yay for lots of action figures too x

    1. Oh yes, lots of them. and more to come!

  3. you are definitely not the only one to go into a cleaning frenzy when people are coming over. we do that too!


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