Mar 4, 2013

Life lately

Well, it's the first week of March, woo! I've been pretty busy with work and getting ready for Comic con (which is this weekend!) so I thought it would be good to do a little update on my life.
With help from a friend we went to Ikea mainly for a living room rug, a chair or love seat and a glass display for Justin's growing collection of figures. I have to admit that I kind of didn't want to get a rug because of how messy it would be from the dog hair. But it's probably my favourite thing we got that day, Justin even let me pick it out and I love it. The extra stuff gives our living room a more homey feel now and I really like that. The living room chair we got also folds out into a single bed which is great for when people sleep over.

I've been preparing for Comic con, a week or so ago we didn't have too much to do (work wise) so I sewed bows like crazy because I knew I wouldn't have another 'easy' week. I'd just put something on Netflix and sew for hours, I think I mostly watched heartland. I have a good amount of bows now, I just hope we do well enough to break even. It's our first year selling there (second year going though), we're also hoping to make a trip to the printers this week to get a few new things printed.
Captain has been doing good, we took him to the vet not too long ago and got him checked out. He's behind on some shots and they found some urinary crystals so we got him some pills for that. He's also started on this new special food that you can only buy at a vet's office. It's kind of annoying but it's pretty much the same price as his other food. Right now we're mixing his old and new food, I want to see if we can keep doing that because so far he seems great on it.
Other than that I still want to get him neutered, I know we should have done that a long time ago but truthfully we didn't have the extra money to do that. We do now, but in Toronto it costs around $800, (yes I said around $800 because some places I went to wanted to charge me close to $1000!!) which is crazy! I was expecting to pay like $200 - $300. We're still looking around to see if there are any affordable places near us.
We found an affordable dentist! I know you're probably thinking, so what? Well we don't have insurance, so if we ever need to go we have to pay full price. But we found one that is close by and actually not bad. I'm so excited to go in a few weeks and get my teeth cleaned. Hopefully I don't have any cavities.

I bought my first little nail stamp kit. I'm not the biggest fan of stamping your nails but this was really cheap, so why not?

We're already thinking about Fan expo, it'll be our third year going and I am so excited.

We've also been thinking about moving. (floors and walls are slowly falling apart, plus rent is going up every year) I'd like to get a bigger place, possibly a two bedroom with a balcony or a small backyard? But we don't know if we'll be moving this year or next year. Right now it looks like we'll be staying another year because there is not a lot for rent right now. And we're still paying very little for the amount of space we have.


  1. Lovely pictures!

  2. wow your house looks just amazing and so homely! xx

  3. Sounds like a super busy week. I hope you got everything done for comiccon. I can't wait to see pictures. Soo exciting.

    1. yeah busy week... busy month too, don't get me started on work, haha. I am so excited for comic con, I really hope it works out well.

  4. your house looks great, and good luck at comic con!
    have you looked to see if there is a low cost spay/neuter in your area? i know that one of the rescues near me offers neuter certificates for 40 bucks and you take them to a certain list of vets! 800 is so high! that is more than it was to get phyllis' four rotten teeth out, and that was at the most expensive vet in our town!

    1. I am stiiiiill looking, its hard to find cause, well it's Toronto, everything is pricey. We might go back home to get it done for like $150. Hopefully this year will be the year it gets done!

  5. Oh gosh, $800 is crazy and just encouraging an overbreeding problem!! Hope you manage to find somewhere affordable

  6. That GIF is awesome! $800 seems crazy expensive - really doesn't encourage people to have it done. Your home looks gorgeous, really cosy!
    Vic @ Frankly Vic

  7. I love that guest. So adorable! x

    <3 Melissa


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