Mar 1, 2013

Review: February Movies

So excited to see this movie, I saw like one trailer for it and was set. No clue what to expect, if I was going to like it or not but I loved it! In most horror movies, it's 'get a scare' before 'tell a good story', but in this one it was the other way around. Mama was creepy, it felt very classic Japanese horror inspired to me. If you're a big fan of horror movies, especially Japanese ones, even remakes (like, the ring) you'll see what I mean. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this movie though. It's not too often I hide behind my hands. The acting was great too, the kids were perfect for this. The best thing, Mama wasn't always CGI, there are parts were it's actually a costume, and it looks pretty cool/creepy! (and I love great costumes, I really want movies to start bringing them back!) If you enjoyed Pans Labyrinth then you'll really like this movie too, same feel, great story and just a bit more scary.

Recommend? Yes, to all horror movie lovers. Best horror movie I've seen in a while.
Re-watch? Yes, probably buy it and re-watch it like crazy!
Warm Bodies
I wasn't really interested in seeing this one. I'll admit, I'm kind of over the whole zombie thing, minus the walking dead. (that show is awesome!) Okay, I mean I love zombies but there's too much zombie stuff going on for too long. I need a break, you know what I mean. But I went to see it because of Justin and it wasn't that bad. I mean the trailer(s) gave it all away anyways, so there really wasn't much else to expect. It was kind of slow at some parts too. There were some funny parts (not many) and some sweet parts (predictable) but nothing i'm going to really like; 'that was a great movie'. It was just a 'meh' movie.

Recommend? Not really.
Re-watch? I hope not.
A Good Day To Die Hard
So I thought this would be a typical guy movie. You know, shooting, fighting, action, things blowing up etc. And it was, but it was so bad. The best way to describe this movie would be 'too over the top' And by over the top I mean; there was barely any story, when things blew up, it blew up waaay too much and you got like 7 different camera angles of the explosions. Even the music was over the top, it would be crazy loud action music and then out of nowhere, very abruptly become sentimental music. It just felt like they rushed this movie, wish they would have taken the time to make this one, instead of focusing on things blowing up and cars crashing.

Recommend? No.
Re-watch? No! I'd only ever watch this movie again to make fun of it.
Identity Thief
I don't have much to say about this movie. It was funny and I laughed more than I thought I would but there's not much else to say about it. I did enjoy it and I like it but it wasn't 'Omg-the-funniest-movie-I've-ever-seen'.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yeah

Best movie of the month: Mama, for having a great story and being awesome and scary at the same time.
Worst movie of the month: A good day to die hard, for being too over the top and cheesy (in a bad way).


  1. I saw the trailer for Mama and it genuinely freaked me out! xxx

    1. But the movies so good! Getting freaked out is good sometimes... maybe? haha.

  2. I've been wanting to watch Mama as well. And I love Guillermo Del Toro, his movies are just wonderful. And they all usually resemble each other in costume/props. So it makes sense it for it to have the same feel as Pan's Labyrinth.
    I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it. I hope I can see it soon.

  3. I can't watch horrors...far too much of a woos!! But I definitely want to see Identity theft :)
    Thanks for the post :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  4. Oh, I'd be interested to see Mama and Identity Thief. They look great!

  5. Thank you for the tips! I love almost every genre of movies but have a really hard time for action stuff. Let's just say that I'm not surprised that A good day to die hard was awful. These kinds of "guy movies" can really be so predictable and dumb! We will see if I will have the courage to see Mama!

    XO, Simona

  6. I really enjoyed Pans Labyrinth but I'm not good at handling horror movies anymore. My old age has turned me into a total whimp LOL
    Thanks for sharing though, I'll definitely be scoping out the trailer :)

  7. I've been wanting to see Mama for a while, definitely need to check it out now. I love Del Toro's films


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