Mar 30, 2013

Review: March Movies

Silver Linings Playbook
So we finally went to go see this movie, we were a little late on seeing it but it was worth it. I wouldn't say this movie was amazing but it was really really good. Over all it was a very real movie with some very sweet and touching moments.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes, probably.
Oz the Great and Powerful
I was kind of excited for this movie cause com'on, The Wizard of Oz is a classic! Anyways, the movie was alright. It wasn't that bad but I was just expecting more. I felt the movie to be a bit cheesy, and not in the good way. Obviously I realized early on the movie was directed more towards kids. The CGI wasn't that great and it wasn't that dark of a movie either. (For some reason I thought it would have been a bit more scary.) But I will say that they tied the two movies together pretty well and explained a lot about Oz. 

Recommend? Sure...
Re-watch? Sure, why not.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
This movie was so fun. Just a fun, not-serious movie. I laughed a bunch of times. The best parts for me were every time Jim Carrey was on screen. I am so happy I'm starting to see him in more movies now, I missed him. I mean, his older movies are a part of my childhood! 
P.S. Can't wait to see him in dumb and dumber to!

Recommend? Yeah!
Re-watch? Yes please.
The Croods
After seeing a trailer for this, I knew I wanted to see it even though the character designs (to me) looked ugly, but there were shots of very colourful backgrounds and cool looking creatures. So Obviously I had to see it and it was awesome! It totally exceeded my expectations. It was cute, funny, kept my attention, the animation was great (and it was even amazing at some parts),  it had a good story and I loved the ending. I can't praise this movie enough, I just really liked it. And I think it's a great movie to see with the family.

Recommend? Yes!!
Re-watch? Of course!
Olympus has Fallen
This kind of movie is not, at all what I would pick. I do like my action movies. And I do like guy movies but this is different... this was like over the top hollywood... you know. But that being said I did enjoy parts of the movie. Overall though I found it to be very cliche and super predictable! (which I hate! Why are people okay with predictable? Maybe I've seen too many movies...) I found the start to be sooo boring because it was so predictable. I also had a lot of beef with the ending but the middle was good. I enjoyed that. I didn't like the over the top music (it made made laugh when I should have been shocked or sad?). I didn't like all the shots of the flag, especially in slow-mo. (once is enough) I did like anytime Gerard Butler was hand to hand fighting. Okay, he pretty much saved the movie for me. I think he was perfect for this movie. I generally really like Morgan Freeman but even he was bugging me in this movie... that's just how much this movie bugged me.

Recommend? Only for the action/fighting parts and if you like lots of guns and explosions.
Re-watch? Probably not.

Best movie of the month: The Croods, for having a good story, great animation and being very colourful and fun.
Worst movie of the month: Oz the Great and Powerful, for being too cheesy and slacking on the CGI.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. I have heard that Silver Lining Playbook is really good. I will have to watch it sometime.


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