Apr 1, 2013

My Easter

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend! I decided this year that I would visit home.
I helped make the traditional veggie salad that we make for all our major holidays. (And I keep meaning to make a post about it here.)
It was still a bit cold but warm enough to sit around a nice fire for a while.
My Mom made lots of cakes and sweets.
This is a shot of my Easter breakfast (this is our blessed food, minus the salad).
I went to visit the deer and peacock at a park in my home town with a friend.
The peacocks put on a show for us.
And here is a little video of the cute deer!

P.S. Two years ago for Easter I made a similar post and also visited the animals
Some things don't change. :]


  1. that vege salad looks yummy, you definitely need to post the recipe! I love peacocks, maybe I should trade my chickens in for a beautiful peacock instead!

    1. no chickens are better, they give you yummy eggs!

  2. Oh my goodness you have painted eggs also - no one in britain seem to decorate them :(


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