May 31, 2013

Missing Greece

 Last week I posted about missing Poland. Well this week it's Greece. (there no more after this. Promise.) It was such good times. Lots of moving around, climbing stairs, sweating, drinking lots of water and eating so much ice cream!
If you're interested check out the first post I did about my trip to Greece here.
 Obviously we took a lot of pictures of the ruins and what not. We visited all the ones in Athens that we could. It was so much fun seeing how big they are in person. The people that get to live near these ruins... these parts of history and get to walk by them everyday... they don't know how lucky they are!
 We also visited a few old castles, this one was right on the water. Speaking of water... the water there is so beautiful! And it has to be because it's so hot in Greece. All you wanna do is swim.
 A lot of Greece is hilly and the ruins are up on the biggest hills, so we got to see some pretty views on the way up. Plus it's a work out!
 This was at Pylos in Greece and it was so pretty there. Again, very hilly so there are steps everywhere.
 Lots of swimming and snorkeling to find these babies.
 We ate some pretty yummy food. Tried a lot of new stuff too.
 I also found a cat lady. Lots of stray cats and dogs in Europe. :[
 We also got tear gassed because we were shopping near a riot area. I was tearing for so long and it was really annoying because everyone made fun of me.
And again... I miss the plane ride. I guess I just enjoy looking out the window and long rides.

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