May 22, 2013

Missing Poland

My parents are visiting family in Poland again, (they go every few years) and it made me want to look through my old photos of when I was in Poland (and Greece) last. Which was just two years ago. Time sure does fly! I posted about my trip to Poland here, but in reality I took so many pictures that I could have easily done a part 1, 2 and 3. (I wonder why I didn't?)
Anyways here are some of my favoutite pictures from my trip to Poland that I haven't shared on the blog before. Please note this post is photo heavy!
I miss how close my grandparents live to each other. It made it super easy to go back and forth for lunches, dinners and teas. Inside my Dad's apartment, my Mom's apartment is under the red balcony.
I miss both my grandma's cooking. We ate so much in Poland, everyone spoiled us.
Catching my grandma doing her makeup. Hehe.
Listening to my Grandpa play his accordion. I just found the videos I took of him playing too. So nice to watch and listen. I might post a video on the blog later.
Even though I'm not a fan of going to church/religion, I loved seeing all the pretty churches we visited. And we visited a lot of them! Everyone in my family is super religious.
This one was a huge one!
The cemeteries in Poland are so pretty. Everyone's plot/stone was different and covered with flowers. You can tell they get a lot of visitors because of all the growing plants and candles.
We also visited a lot of towers and castles and got to see some awesome views.
Some of the artwork inside of a castle/church. So pretty!
I miss how everyone kept trying to get me drunk.. especially my Grandpa.
The little cars!
Holy water for sale.
Visiting an aquarium. My cousins made a big deal about it but it was actually really small.
Going to disco tech/bars with everyone.
I forgot what this was called but it was so freakin' good! We had it a lot. Like, a loooot.
I remember when we went camping for a few days and my eye was swollen for two days for some reason and it freaked me out.
Lots of food, every time we went to meet someone. Food.
Finding lots of critters.
Making my brother do these kind of silly touristy shots with everything.
And I miss the plane ride.


  1. Well this looks like amazing fun. Everyone lives so close to each other! How awesome. One of my aunts and my grandma live right next to one another, always so convenient.
    Grandeur churches are always really neat. I love old architecture. Food is abundant whenever I visit Paraguay also. It's like please let me breath before you try to stuff more in. ahh.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I'm super jealous you got to go there. *is full of unfulfilled wanderlust* The Polish really do love forcing food and alcohol on people. It's rather awesome.

  3. I've always wanted to go to Poland. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

  4. This makes me want to visit Poland! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. The photo with your brother is really funny.


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