May 28, 2013

Photo an hour: May 25th

It's been a couple of months since my last Photo an hour post, so I thought why not do one on a weekend where I have a (sort of) day off?
 Got up a bit earlier than I usually do, so I could check out some garage sales. And obviously the first thing you do in the morning when you live in an apartment with a dog... is walk that dog. Walk him hard. :]
 I get ready for the day. For breakfast I have some yogurt with granola in a cup.
 I head out to check out a few sales in my area... Story time! 
So the last garage sale I go to is pretty awesome. Full of some cool vintage stuff. A lot of stuff I wouldn't buy for myself but I really like looking at. Anyways, I'm about to leave and decide to say something nice to the lady selling all this awesome stuff. I wanted to say something like; 'This stuff is so neat.' 'Do you collect?' 'Are these all from your family?' but instead I said 'You got some cool sh*t.' I was so embarrassed! What a lame thing to say. Just goes to show you how bad I am at socializing. Ugh.
 10AM - 11AM
I come back home and have a snack/lunch while I relax a bit. (I have no clue why that candle is in the picture.)
Waiting for the street car so I can head over to do some extra 'work' in a short film. Not work, just for fun.
 1PM - 5:30PM
Lots of fun filming.We were shooting a party scene, hence all the booze.
 6PM - 7PM
I head back home and make sure I take Cap out for a long walk.
I'm tired from all the standing around I did, so I decide to be lazy on the couch for a bit. But I feel bad that I'm not doing anything so I do some sewing. The rest of the night is a mix between sewing and trying to do some work on the computer.
And that's what I did! :]


  1. Lol at your comment to the lady. I would probably blurt something out like that as well. No worries it happens to all of us sometimes. Pup is ready to go! I need to take my Abby for longer walks. She really seems to enjoy them.. just as much as she does barking at people passing by. -_-

    1. Cap does his happy jumping when people pass by (especially kids) because he wants to jump on them obviously, but he knows I won't let him. Haha maybe she's saying hello?


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