May 30, 2013

Sponsor in June (and July?)

Ah It's pretty much summer time now and every month this year is just flying by. Crazy stuff. I'm having a 2 for 1 sale, If you purchase an ad space in June, I'll give you an extra month for free. (purchase one month and I'll add the other myself.) Why? Because I want to! It's time for bike rides, ice cream, road trips, swimming, garage sales, getting a tan/burn, visiting the zoo, sitting in front of the AC and whatever else you like to do when it's hot out. I want to celebrate the warm weather with you guys! If you're not interested in advertising you could always tell your friends (bloggers and shop owners) about it!?
Some exciting stuff happening in June, my tattoo appointment (been waiting forever), checking out the Toronto Tattoo Show, more hula hoop classes, wearing more of my new dresses, all the awesome summer movies coming out and preparing for my road trip in July.
So I'd love to have you as a sponsor on my blog! Check out my ad page for more info or email me if you'd like. :]
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