May 6, 2013

Weekend: Free Comic Book Day

This past weekend was a very fun and relaxing one. It was the first weekend where we had very nice weather and everyone was out enjoy the sun. It was Free Comic Book Day on Saturday so Justin and I decided to take the day off from work, go out shopping and enjoy ourselves. Most of these pictures were taken from the Saturday while we were out, it's almost like a photo an hour.
We headed out early to get to our local comic book store for the free comics (plus 20% off merch!). We were a bit too early so we went into the chocolate/candy shop to look around a bit.
If I had a cat (or if Captain's head was smaller) I'd get him this!
Waiting to head inside, so we took some selfies.
Inside the comic book store, we were here for so long because Justin was deciding which figure to get. I debated getting another living dead doll but the ones they had weren't 'great'.
 We stopped by the arts and crafts store on the way home and got some new art supplies. Then we got a slice pizza that was half cold.
We then dropped by the apartment to ditch our bags and picked up the dog.
We deiced to go to the dog park. We (Justin) run around with Cap on the leash for the first few minutes so all the dogs get used to eachother. This was Cap's first time back to the dog park since being neutered and he did so good.
Yeah some more selfies/couple-y pictures because it's been so long since we've taken any. Especially together.
Met our friend at the dog park and headed back home where we played video games and watched Men in Black.
The rest of the day (and weekend), we watched a lot of netflix, did a bit of work, did some sketching, sewed a few bows, read some comics and painted. We also rearranged the living room and it looks a lot better. It looks like we have so much more room!
Here's some of the stuff I got from the comic book store. The little Patrick Pop figure makes me so happy. Justin ended up getting a flash figure.
And here are the free comic's we picked up. I've only started reading the Spongebob one.

Did anyone end up going to free comic book day? 
If not how did you spend your weekend? :]


  1. Your FCBD looked awesome. How good is the Superman son of krypton? Was the line to get your free comics huge?

    1. It was pretty good. There was no line to get in but an hour in it got really crowded inside the store.

  2. Take more selfies I say! haha.. My boy refuses to make normal human faces/look happy in pictures :( yours cooperates. I'm not an avid comic book reader but I pick some up from time to time. I, however, have been wanting to start collecting Pop figurines.. there's just so many I want! LOOOOVEEEEE the little Patrick you got.

    1. For every 'good' picture of Justin/us there's like 4 were he's making a face or I'm talking or something. He loves to make faces in every picture. It's so annoying! Pop figures are awesome!!


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