Jun 25, 2013

Camping time

This weekend we went camping, obviously I took a butt-load of pictures because that is how I do. Not only was it the first time we went camping with Captain, but also a first time for setting up a new tent in the dark! Fun times though.

Inside our tent.
Our set up.
This was from the first night, getting the fire going for s'mores and hot dogs.
Lots of caterpillars around.
Should have paid more attention to this sign because when we came back from our walk...
we found this. They totally ignored the open garbage bag and the bananas on the table. 
Cookies and marshmallows. Yum.
 Don't let this picture fool you. (he was just tired from the car ride.) Captain loved being outside all weekend! And even though I really didn't want to bring him, he was actually pretty good for most of the trip. He figured out right away that the camp site and the tents were 'home' and he didn't make any messes.
I can see us taking him camping again in the future.


  1. Looks like you had so much fun!!! I can't get over how pretty it is where you are. Those caterpillars were mega cute.

  2. Ahh! Love this.. I've been wanting to plan a camping trip soon.. I don't think with Texas weather I'll be able to go anywhere until the end of September/October. It's just tooooo hot. That cookie and marshmallow combo. Wow. Yum! That stinks that the racoons got to some of y'all's things. Boo. Mr. Captain looks pretty exhausted. So cute though.

    1. Oh i'd love to go camping around october, It would be sooo nice.


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