Jun 17, 2013

Goals for 2013: Update

Around this time of the year I like to look over my goals and see how I'm doing...

1. Tattoo. (Yes)
Finally got my tattoo started!! Just have to go back once more to get it coloured. I had to do a small pink and red ink test because I'm allergic to red ink, I guess. Really hope it stays in so I can have pink and red tattoos in the future! I'm already thinking about my next tattoo(s). I might try to get one more thing done before the end of this year. But we'll see how things go money wise...

2. Print off pictures. (Kinda)
I found my vacation pictures. I've gone through them and the ones I want printed out are sitting in a folder on my computer. Now to just go get them printed off... one day.

3. Dress up. (Kinda)
I want to say that I've been doing 'okay' on this one. Once it got a little warmer I started wearing my dresses more and more (especially this one). We'll see how I do with this in the actual summer time. Our summer in Canada has been a bit cooler and very rainy. But I have a good feeling that July and August are going to be hot, hot, hot!
4. Get active/volunteer. (Yes)
As I mentioned before, Justin and I started going to Hot Yoga, we're recently stopped because it's pretty expensive and now that it's warmer we want to do things outside. I'm sure we'll get back into it in the cooler months. I've started hula hooping, so excited to get into it again, (hula hooping with an adult hoop is a lot different than the ones when I was a kid. I basically started from scratch.) I decided to take a Hula Hoop class and even got myself a fancy ninja hoop! The class is really fun and we've been learning a bunch of hoop tricks and stuff. Its a really good work out.The biggest challenge for me, is trying to walk while hooping.
As for volunteering, I wanted to volunteer at the Human Society but they only look for new volunteers a couple times a year. So I'm just waiting for that notification and I'll sign right up.

5. Use that fancy-schmancy camera. (No)
Okay, I'll admit it. I haven't been doing too well with this one. I want to take nice pictures but I hate lugging a big heavy camera around. Plus I worry all the time about it getting broken or stolen? So I always go for my smaller/lighter cameras. I need to get over it and just bring it! I think I'm going to force myself to bring it on my trip next month.
6. Decorate. (Yes)
I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job of this. I've been slowly putting more stuff up. Taking down things that we don't like anymore or moving them into a different rooms. Finding things while thrifting always helps too. The living room looks a lot better now that we've moved some things around and added some things that 'complete' a room (like a rug). The bed room is starting to get there too.

7. Save money. (kinda)
Went to my bank one day and set up a few savings accounts. I love watching the numbers slowly grow with each paycheck. I don't know what I'll do with the saved money at the end of the year. But I think I'll just leave most of it in there for a rainy day or as an emergency fund.
Paying off my loans is going okay so far. I would like to be putting more money towards my loans but other things come up... you know. Life. I should be able to put more money on my loans in the next 6 months though.

8. Online store. (No)
I'm still working on this one.

9. Animate in 3D/stop-motion. (No)
This hasn't happened, yet.

Did you make any goals for the year/month?

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  1. Tattooooos! :D Hehe, I'm torn between that and saving money. lol


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