Jun 5, 2013

Review: May Movies

The Big Wedding
I thought this would have been a fun rom-com to go see. Nope. So disappointing! It wasn't funny, like at all. The story was all over the place and the ending was rushed. I didn't get attached to any of the characters, because I just did not care. There were some parts I really disliked because of the message it was sending but, whatever!

Recommend? No.
Re-watch? No!
Iron Man 3
I was expecting a lot more from this movie. I mean, com'on it's Iron Man, the first two movies were so good! Even though this one was okay, it just didn't measure up to the other movies. So, It did disappoint. Still had lots of little jokes, funny come backs and sweet action shots but it was missing something. There just wasn't enough of Iron Man!

Recommend? Sure, if you're a big fan of Iron Man.
Re-watch? Maybe? Probably not.
The Great Gatsby
Let me start off by saying that I did not read the book... I was so excited for this movie! Too bad it was kind of a let down. I wanted to like the movie. I tried so hard. I tried to defend it but I can't lie to myself. I did not like it. Leonardo was amazing (as usual), him and the amazing costumes, outfits, decorations, hair do's and make up were probably my favourite parts about the movie. I'll admit I was getting really bored at the start of the movie, until they introduced Gatsby. The narration was annoying and the transitions were weird. Different but weird.

Recommend? Nope.
Re-watch? Only to look at the outfits and stuff.
 Star Trek Into Darkness
This was my first IMAX movie of the year (we usually go to IMAX maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Save it for the special movies), we traveled to the more fancy movie theatre for this one since we knew we really wanted to see this one. And is was totally wicked! It was so good and I was so happy we spent the extra money and saw it in a nice big theatre instead of our regular cheap one. I can only say good things about this one. Lots of action, great acting, effects were so pretty. I even didn't mind the 3D so much because it worked with the movie so well and usually I hate 3D.

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Yes!!
Not that epic... ha! Okay this one wasn't that bad, I actually didn't want to see this movie that badly, even though it was an animated film. Just didn't seem that interesting to me. But It was okay. The animation was nice. They did a lot of crazy perspective stuff at the beginning which was cool. The father was annoying and felt like he didn't belong in the movie. Also I hated beyonce in this. Nothing against her as a person/singer but she just felt so out of place. (clearly not a voice actor!) The slug and snail were my favourite part they had a lot of one liners that almost made me cry with laughter. Yes they were that funny! And one last thing, Christoph Waltz, I just love his voice so much.

Recommend? Meh...
Re-watch? Probably no.
The Hangover 3
 I was sorta excited to see this movie. I really liked The hangover and the second one wasn't as good as the first but still okay. I don't know why but I thought the third one would be awesome. The trailers made it look really good but they were just showing off all the good parts. Anyways, yes this movie was a bit of a let down. I'd say the best part of the movie was the very end, right after the main credits they show a little funny clip. And it was so funny! Why wasn't that movie like that!? I would have liked to have seen that end clip, as the movie.

Recommend? Nah.
Re-watch? No thanks.

Best movie of the month: Star Trek, for being so freakin' awesome!!
Worst movie of the month: The Big Wedding, for not being funny at all and just... no.


  1. I love your movie review posts! I'd love to write more movie-related posts myself.

    May finally brought a bunch of movies that I want to see--I've felt like there's been a drought of decent movies for ages!--but I still haven't gotten to the theater to see anything! :( I want to see Iron Man, Gatsby, and probably Star Trek. I need to hurry. I'll probably end up seeing This Is The End first at this rate.

    1. Do it! Movie reviews are fun. I don't even really see mine as real reviews, they're more for me to look back on. I know what you mean, movie droughts happen. Last year around early spring there was like nothing I wanted to watch for like 2 months!

  2. Wow what a bummer that you pretty much hated all of them. hahaha That happens a lot to me as well. I hate when previews make things look super awesome and it's not. Even the cover photo for The Big Wedding looks like it would be a super funny movie. I've gotten really picky about what movies I watch now a days because nothing is ever good. :( Leo is always good in everything he does though. He is a great actor. I just watched End of Watch on Netflix. I was surprised at how good it was. I just watched it on a whim. Haven't decided if I'm going to blog about it yet or not.

    1. Ah it happens, some months are better than others for movies.
      ohhh never heard of that movie, I'll see if I get it on my netflix.

  3. Thanks for saving me money on like three movies.. I'll just wait until I watch them elsewhere. I'm pretty disappointed about the Great Gatsby.. I read the book and watched the older movie. Maybe I'll give that one a try anyway. We shall see. I've been begging Bob to go see Star Trek with me! Seriously we must make time for it immediately.


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