Jun 4, 2013

What I wore: Dr. King Schultz

Pants: Costco
Belt: Old
Shoes: Ardene

In reality I shouldn't really be posting these pictures because they are kind of grainy but I am anyways because I do what I want! Do you like my hair flip pictures? I took these one day when I had the apartment all to myself, this is what I wore out to run some errands. And I love this shirt! I was browsing 6 Dollar Shirts one day and saw this dentist/tooth shirt and knew I had to have it in a nice bright colour.
Also, yes these black stretchy skinny jeans are from Costco... I mean I've bought shorts and shirts from there before but nothing this awesome. These pants are so comfy


  1. Very nice Shirt, but your showcase is just AWESOME! ♥


  2. A very cute shirt! I may be in love with that site now...


  3. Hehhe, You are so cute. Look at you whip your hair. Love it.

  4. Loveeee it! Those pants look SUPER comfy. Also I've never noticed you have a collection of Pez dispensers.. ok. That cannot be more awesome!


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