Jul 22, 2013

A small thrift

 Just a couple of things I found recently.
 Probably my favourite thing I found so far, some pressed flowers in a frame. There were actually a few of them at the store but I went for just one. The most colourful one!
 I've recently started putting my hair up. 1, because my hair is long enough to do it and 2, because it's hot as balls! I've discovered that I don't look as gross if I have a cute scarf or bandana in my hair... something to draw the attention away from my gross bangs. I can't wait for fall/winter.
 This is probably my second favourite thing I've found recently. Check out the pretty colours on this cute pillow case.
And I found a few more records to spin. Our collection is growing so fast, I need to find a new way of storing all of them. Right now a few are in a small bin-like-table and the rest stay in a bag on the floor.
Find any cool thrifted things lately? :]

P.S. Forgot to mention I found this awesome canteen at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Love it.


  1. that pressed flower thing is so great. and that pillow case! i'm not supposed to bring any more home,but I wouldn't be able to resist that one@

  2. Great finds!
    That pillow case is perfect

  3. The tear jerker record and pillow case are awesome, lovely scores!

    1. Had to get it just for the illustrations but I know a few of the songs on the record too. So win-win.

  4. Oooh lovely finds! I particularly love the framed pressed flowers!

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