Jul 1, 2013

Bugging out girl

Here is the finished 'Bug out' doodle I started cleaning at the beginning of this month. I gotta say I am in love with her face. Just look at it! I guess the teeth in her eyes and the mushroom on her cheek really do it for me. Available over at Redbubble. What you think?
I've already started making some rough sketches for another Mushroom girl. (I'm thinking of making the next one, a blue mushroom?) I want to atleast do one (possibly two?) more and have them made into prints for future expos/cons.

P.S. Happy Canada day!
P.S.S. One more week until my vacation/road trip!!


  1. I love her she looks so awesome, bugs rule! xx

  2. Oh, this is so great. I love the caterpillar boa ;-)


  3. Oh, she's adorable and cool! I especially love the teeth in her eyes and the bone in her hair. xo


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