Jul 24, 2013

Nail Art 59: What is this?

 This is what happens when you really want to do your nails but have no ideas as to what you want to do, so you just do whatever! I ended up using 4 or 5 different coloured nail polishes, lots of glitter, nail stickers and my nail art pens. And you know what? I kind of like them.
Also, for the first time ever, (and possibly the last time?) I'm including a picture of my feet...(sorry if feet gross you out. I know they gross me out sometimes.) to show off my sparkly star design on my toes. I know it's not the best picture... I don't usually do my feet and when I do it's just a simple colour on all of them, nothing fancy. But lately I've been putting little designs on my big toes for fun.

When you do your nails do you try to match your design on your hands with your feet?


  1. How are you so freakishly talented? My nails never look this rad!

    1. its just a lot of patience and practice!

  2. i love your nails! they look so cute. glitter is awesome :)


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