Jul 3, 2013

Review: June Movies

Now You See Me
 I actually didn't really want to see this movie so I went in with low expectations, and I still didn't like this movie that much. I will say though, that it was fun and the magic tricks were great to watch but the movie doesn't focus on the magicians that much. It's more focused on the cops... which was kind of boring. If they followed the magicians more I probably would have liked the movie a lot better. Also the first half of the movie was better than the second half. And there's no great acting here either. 

Recommend? Nah, I'd rent it.
Re-watch? Probably no.
 This Is The End
Truthfully I wasn't super interested in this but I knew I'd see it since it has a bunch of funny people in it. Let me tell you this movie was SO good. I was laughing throughout the whole movie! And this movie is pretty long (for a comedy) but there are so many great one liners and jokes that you don't care... you want it to go on forever. I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in a long time. I'm gonna say that this movie might be the funniest movie I've seen all year. I'm thinking back to the first time I ever watched Superbad in theatre. I remember crying from laughter at that. So if you liked that movie at all, you'll love this. And I still watch Superbad from time to time so I'm sure I'll end up owning this movie eventually and watching any extra shots and maybe bloopers? Oh that would be so good. And bonus for me, I was in a bad mood when we went to go watch this. Thank you Justin for suggesting we go watch this movie. Good call.

Recommend? Yes! So funny!!
Re-watch? Yes!
Man of Steel
Let me start off by saying that this is probably the best summer blockbuster! (with Star Trek being a close second!) Really this movie was that good. Great story (which is very important), loved the way it was shot, loved how the movie built up to the fight scenes. There were only a few things that bugged me about this movie but they are so small, they don't really matter. I like to read the reviews after I watch a movie to see what people (in general) thought about the movie. It's upsetting to see people dislike a movie for... really dumb reasons. And I mean like, they must have not been paying attention to the movie at all. I heard people complaining about the fight scenes being too much, well the fight scenes were awesome! I loved the way they were shot! (Yes shaky cam is a thing, but it wasn't too shakey that I couldn't see what was going on. It's been a thing for a while now. Get over it.) I felt like I was right there fighting with them. I also heard people complaining that it felt 'too dark', comparing it to Dark Knight. What? No it wasn't! This movie isn't a batman movie. It's not 'dark' at all. Sure It's more serious than Star Trek... but thats what makes it awesome. It puts Superman in a real life setting.

Recommend? Omg, Yes!!
Re-watch? Yes!
World War Z
I've seen a lot of zombie movies. (I'm sure we all have by now.) but I gotta say that this one was a bit different from the others. One of the things I really liked about this movie was how 'realistic' it was. It felt like this is something that could happen, and this is how the world would react. We've all seen different kinds of zombies, from the super slow to the runners. Well these ones were super speedy. And they ran together like a heard, sometimes they would run together like a wave. It looked pretty cool and also freakin' scary if you think about it. A wave of undead people running at you! Let me also add that I didn't read the book. Justin read it and he told me the idea is the same but the movie is completely different from the book, in a good way! Justin explained to me what happens in the book and I like this story/ending way better.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Maybe. It was good so probably.
Monsters University
Yay! What a cute movie. I loved the monster designs, so cute and colourful... and some kinda of creepy but in a good way! I don't have much to say about this movie other than it was really good, had a great story, had some really good character in it and made me laugh lots. I also want to add that when I went to go see this, the theatre was mostly full of teens and adults. I really love seeing adults watching animated movies. Cartoons/animated movies aren't just for kids!

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Yes.

Best movie of the month: Man of Steel, for being the best summer blockbuster movie!
Worst movie of the month: Now You See Me, for not being that exciting especially for a movie about magic!?
Honourable mention: This Is The End, for being super funny.


  1. This Is The End. Same thing happened to me. It looked like one of those "stupid funny" movies that I wasn't interested in going to watch and I was ~ehhh don't want to see it~ the whole time before it started haha. SO MUCH LAUGHING THOUGH. I thought The Heat had pretty funny moments but this movie was so crazy.

    Man of Steel was pretty good too!

    1. I actually just watched The Heat last night, I agree it was funny and crazy.

  2. I love these reviews that you do! Seriously I look forward to them. I heard the superman movie was really good but it totally didn't seem like it would be to me. I'm dying to see this is the end. I've only heard really good things about it!! The only movie I did see out of this list was Monsters U. which I totally loved!

    1. That's good to hear because I love writing about them, and I don't think I'm gonna stop seeing movies anytime soon. Ohh you're gonna love This is the end. Everyone I meet I tell them to go see it. Who doesn't like a good laugh?

    2. Duh! Everyone always needs a good laugh! :)

  3. I HATED man of steel. I had too many questions for them being a comic book nerd. LOVED monsters university. I cried sooo much.

    1. haha, this is what I love about movies, one person could love it, and another could hate it. I totally understand why a comic book nerd would hate the movie though... It's on of those movies where you either loved or hated it. There is no maybe.


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