Aug 8, 2013

Painting and stuff

 I finally finished this little pink cat! I've been slowly working on this one (off and on) for the past 2 months. Sadly I lost my WIP photos and most of the final pictures I did take turned out blurry. So this is all I have to show you.
 I'm thinking of doing a few more colourful cats in this style, what you think?
And while I was painting I also ended up painting some old frames and other things that needed a touch of paint. This ones my favourite 'transformation'. The picture looks much better with a clean frame. The great thing about this is when I get bored of it, I can repaint the frame again (maybe yellow next time?) to give it a new look.


  1. i love the kitty! it's so fun and colorful, definitely do more. :)

  2. Nice job, it's all really bright! Keep 'em comin'


  3. Love the colorful cat, your posts remind me of how much I need to get making and painting! Back to work with me!


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