Aug 5, 2013

Review: July Movies

 Wow, I sure did see a lot of movies in July...
 The Heat
Oh maaan, McCarthy was so good in this. In my opinion, she pretty much carried the movie for me. The first half of the movie was good, and it got better when they introduced McCarthy's character, before that though I was getting kind of bored. And the second half of the movie was just crazy! A good funny movie with lots of fun one-liners. And something Justin pointed out to me once we left the theatre was that there were no fat jokes. Like at all. I'm impressed because fat jokes are easy and when you can do one, usually you do. Good job. :]

Recommend? Yes, so funny!
Re-watch? Yes!

Despicable Me 2
So this one wasn't as good as the first, which is usually what happens anyways so it's not a big deal. The minions were great as usual and Agnes was super adorable. The story was kind of meh but the jokes were there and the animation was great. Overall I wasn't too impressed with the movie. There was that and we decided to see an earlier showing, so that meant we were in a theatre with a bunch of little kids that talk throughout the whole movie. Okay, they weren't that bad. They stayed in their seats and they were pretty quiet. I've had worse experiences...

Recommend? Yeah, if you liked the first one.
Re-watch? Yes, for the animation.
The Lone Ranger
Let me start off by saying that I didn't really care to see this movie but we were out and wanted to watch something. It was between this or Pacific Rim (which we ended up seeing later anyways). Anyways this movie wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, the whole action sequence near the end was very entertaining! I also really like how they told the story. I wasn't amazed by the movie but it was fun and we ended up leaving the theatre happy, so that is a win in my book. 
Side note; I kind of wish Johnny Depp would do something other than a Disney/Tim Burton movie. I miss when he actually had to act. Just feels like he's taking the easy road.

Recommend? Yes, a good family movie.
Re-watch? Maybe, probably not.
Pacific Rim
So again, I was totally not interested in seeing this movie. Whenever I saw a trailer for it all I could think of was Gundams and Power Rangers... and I've already been there. But we went and saw it (because it was Justin's pick.) And I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I will say that the start of the movie was kind of slow for me, It didn't really pick up (for me) until the half way mark. There were some lame moments too (like; a helicopter landing in a rain storm and a girl walks up to it, her umbrella/coat isn't being affected at all. Perfectly still. Ugh!) Oh, I loved the monsters! The designs and the way they moved, beautiful. The FX and action shots were awesome. And I'll also add that the story was pretty interesting too, once it picked up and we got passed the stereotypical stuff we see in movies today... you know!

Recommend? Yes, lots of great action!
Re-watch? Yeah!
I was soooo excited for this movie, probably because I love snails. So a movie about snails racing? I'm in. Awesome! I can see how this wouldn't be for everyone, but I loved it. The facial animation was great. Lots of weird expressions that just made you want to laugh out loud and the story and characters were fun. Just a fun movie overall. And a great family movie too.

Recommend? Yes. White shadow!
Re-watch? For sure.
 After seeing the trailer for this I wasn't too interested but I take it back. Very interesting movie. It was actually very funny, even though I wasn't laughing like crazy I found a lot of parts really funny. Jeff Bridges was great in this, everything he said was just gold. The movie had this weird feel to it, kind of like we were in a video game or a cartoon. Weird stuff was happening to human bodies that don't normally happen in real life. It was interesting and sometimes creepy. I could see this even having a sequel in the future.

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Yes.
The Wolverine
 This was soooo much better than the first movie! His claws looked awesome (in the first movie they looked so fake, yuck.) Great action and lots of shirtless Wolverine... which com'on we all love to see. Even Justin was droolin' over his muscles. Of course the movie wasn't perfect, there were a few slow spots and the climax wasn't that great. But still good enough to make me happy.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes, I love me some Wolverine!
Red 2
If you've seen Red and liked it you should go and see this one too. I wanna say that it was just as good as the first movie, maybe better? The humour was there and the fighting and shooting was everywhere!

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Maybe, but once is enough for me.

Best movie of the month: Pacific Rim, for surprising me!
Worst movie of the month: The Lone Ranger, for not being that bad but I'd say I enjoyed it the least out of all the movies this month.
Honourable mention(s): The Heat for, being a good funny movie with female leads. The Wolverine for, being awesome and being better than the first one.


  1. I feel like I always say this, but I love reading your movie posts!! :)

    Pacific Rim has been my favorite movie of the summer for sure! It was so much fun, had so many great references for nerds to get excited about in the robot/kaiju genre, and the colors and designs were just beautiful to look at. I loved it and I don't usually like action movies that much.

    Haha, I kinda wanted to see R.I.P.D. but it got SUCH awful reviews that we ruled it out. :/ It just looked fun and silly.

    Ugh, I'm really frustrated with myself that I still haven't seen The Heat! If I miss it in theaters, I'll need to catch it on DVD asap.

    1. I love talking about movies with other people! I'm so glad that so many people are liking Pacific Rim, I overheard one guy say that he just re-used monsters from his other films... not true!
      I think R.I.P.D would be a great movie to rent for sure.
      Yes The Heat, so good!


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