Aug 13, 2013

Tobermory part 3

Are you getting sick of all these Tobermory posts? Well lucky you, this is the last of the pictures, I promise. If you're interested, check out parts one and two.
 Had to be done!
 We ended up visiting Singing Sands before we left. It was super windy that day, (like the other days) so we didn't go in the water. But next time we visit for sure! See that dot beside Tania on the left side. That is someone walking in the water. yes that far out and you are still just walking.
 After we walked around in the water a bit we decided to walk a trail. Well guess what we found... yeah a rattle snake!
 After that short walk, we checked out the trail sign and they barely mention rattle snakes. No warnings or anything!
 Right before we headed back on the road we stopped to check out the lighthouse. It was the same one we saw on the boat tour.
And this is the very last picture I took with my digital camera because it died after this. So, perfect timing!
Hope to go back one day.

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