Aug 26, 2013

What I wore: The peplum top

Bandana: Old 
Shirt: H&M 
Pants: Gift 
Shoes: Payless

One day I was shopping around and not really buying anything. Went into all my favourite stores and still nothing was really catching my eye. (which is totally okay because money.) It wasn't until I was heading out of H&M that I saw this leopard print. I headed towards it, hoping it was a cool sweater or a dress... but no it was a peplum top. Ugh! One of those peplum tops that I was told to stay away from. But it looked so cute. So I tried it on anyways and I fell in love. Now I'm on the hunt for more.
I've also been wearing my hair up like this pretty much all summer. I don't know why it took me so long to get into the hair-bandana-pin-up thing but I love it! Whenever summer rolls around I remember why I cut my hair off in the first place.

P.S. I am super sick from Fan Expo, but I'm back and safe and recovering.


  1. Wow! That top looks great on you! I bought a peplum top once and immediately gave it away because it looked bad on me. :(

    Aw, love your doggie. ^_^


  2. Love this look. So retro and rockabilly. :)


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