Sep 2, 2013

Review: August Movies

I liked this movie. Didn't love it, but I did enjoy it. The story was super predictable, and the characters weren't developed enough. Also a lot of things in this movie made me mad, like they didn't make sense. But I can't say what because I'd spoil it. But I did love all the action scenes. Oh wow, they were so nice and every death was, well... amazing? Epic? Cool. Yes they were cool deaths. And there was this one part where they reconstruct a part of someone's body, (I won't say what or who, or whatever) very cool stuff!

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Yes
 Kick-Ass 2
Okay so, I didn't love this movie. But I will say that I felt like I enjoyed it much more than the first one. But I'm sure most people would say that the first one is better. (because it usually is) I was actually a bit excited for this one because of Jim Carrey, I wish there was move of him in the movie... Anyways, yes there were lots of cool action shots and sweet deaths. And it was funny. 
Why is the poster so photoshoped?

Recommend? If you liked the first one
Re-watch? Probably no.

Best movie of the month: Elysium, for being an entertaining movie.
Worst movie of the month: Kick-Ass 2, for just not being my kind of movie... I guess.


  1. I lOVED Elyisum. I want to try and make the thing they stick on Matt Damon for a comic festival.

  2. I really like Matt Damon his so versatile as a serious drama actor and also as an action hero :)


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