Oct 5, 2013

A little quiz

So Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee put up a meme post not too long ago and I just couldn't help but do it. Remember when these little quizzes where all over the internet. I used to send them to my friends and we'd all read each others answers. Oh, to be young again! Anyways I thought this would be fun, get to know me, etc. If you've got the time, you should fill it out too!
1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I usually get up around 9am and the first thing I do is go to the washroom. I need to go! Then I say Hi to Justin who's been up since about 7am. I head over to my computer and check emails while I eat some breakfast. 

2. What is the 3rd picture on your phone? Share it! 
Picture of my new Sailor Moon doll. I can't get enough of her. 

3. What TV show are you most excited about returning this Fall?
I guess The Walking Dead... but I don't watch TV, because we don't have cable. Just internet and Netflix for me. 

4. What is something really popular that you secretly (or not so secretly) loathe?
I never got into GLee, Twilight, True Blood, The big Bang Theory, there's probably more... 

5. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! Bonus points for pictures.
Right now it's just Captain our Husky baby. He's about to turn 3 and we spoil him rotten. A lot of people are telling me how big and well-fed he looks compared to last year. So happy he's a healthy boy.

6. If you could put together one outfit that represents you perfectly, what would it be?
Probably a very cute dress that goes to the knees, with dark tights and a cardigan. Maybe a bow in my hair? Something cute and comfortable!

7. What is your favorite adult beverage?
 I don't drink much, but the rare times I order in a bar I always get a whiskey sour.

8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Roseanne and Vampire Diaries.

9. What are 3 positive words to describe you?
Positive, laid-back, bright.

10. What is your favorite Friday afternoon/evening activity?
Usually I like to; watch a movie, go for an extra long walk with the dog around the park/beach, and/or paint. One of those... 

11. A day in the life: What does you typical day look like?
So I'm usually up around 9, maybe closer to 10am. (If we are going into the studio though, I'm up at 7am.) Then I shower, try to eat something and get 'somewhat' dressed. By 11 or 12, I'm usually checking emails, blogs and starting on my work for the day. (I work from home right now, and sometimes go into the studio.) Between 1 - 3, the dog gets a walk around the park/beach. Depending on the day, we'll either have to get groceries or we take a walk to the fresh food market for some fruits. Eat lunch. Then between 3 - 6, I'm working some more. Then the dog gets another walk around dinner time. While we eat dinner, we watch an episode (or two) of whatever show we are watching on Netflix. After dinner is when Justin is done for the day, so he is either playing video games, painting or watching movies... I, on the other hand work better at night for some reason. So after dinner, I'm back to work. So between, lets say 8 - 12, I'm animating, but I also stop to take breaks. I check blogs. I'll schedule a post on my blog for tomorrow around this time. And I'll be painting a little. Then whenever I am done for the day. So between 11 - 1am, (Justin has done to bed by 11) I walk the dog one last time and lay in bed for another hour or so, because even though I feel tired, I can't shut my brain off.

12. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
I actually like where I live. But I guess somewhere cheaper would be nice. I don't like the super hot weather, so somewhere, where it's always spring/fall weather. But doesn't rain too much.

13. You've got a whole day to yourself...what will you do?
First I'd not let myself sleep in, and set the alarm for about 7am. Get ready for the day. I'd then go outside and walk around my area to see if there are any garage sales. When I got back home, I'd check my emails, blogs and whatnot until I get bored. Then I'd try to get out of the house for a few hours. Go to the Zoo, check out the aquarium, visit value village... maybe even just go to the mall and see if there are any sales. I'd get take out for lunch, maybe a nice burrito? Then I'd probably take some pictures for my blog and edit them. Like, take pictures of my nails or edit the pictures I took at the Zoo. Id probably get take out again, for dinner. Sushi! Then I'd spend the rest of the night probably painting a little. Maybe do some drawings digitally. All while there's some 'Roseanne' playing in the background. Once I'm done starring at the computer screen I'd lay on the couch and watch a few movies that I've seen too many times (like dirty dancing). I'd do my nails if they weren't already done and have some ice cream before bed because I love ice cream!

14. Dream job?
I kind of already have my dream job. But I guess I should update that... I guess the next step would be to find a longer contract animation job. (Like a couple years) Work my way up to senior animator... who knows. I'm happy where I am right now.

15. Least favorite chore?
Cleaning the bathroom. It's so gross. How does it get so dirty so fast!? Thank god Justin doesn't mind doing it.

16. When do you most feel like a rock star?
When I get a hard/complicated shot done and it looks great. Also when I barely get revisions for the last episode I worked on.

17. What is something you are currently trying to improve within yourself?
I'm trying to be more active. I'm learning as I get older that I need more physical hobbies. I'm also trying to get back to waking up early. Sometimes I do feel like I'm wasting the day when I get up at 10:30am. :[


  1. Such a great idea! I might actually take this survey and do it myself and link back to you for the idea :) And your dogs face is so precious. I love dogs <3 Love your blog, by the way!

  2. Loved this post. I never got into glee. It always seemed too stupid and all the actors annoyed me.


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