Oct 3, 2013

Review: September Movies

 The World's End
 So I knew this movie was going to be a good one and it was! Such a fun time movie, although I didn't like the ending too much. Not that I hated the ending, it just felt a bit off. Hmm.. I guess I don't have too much to say about this one.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Let me start by saying, yeah I didn't pick this movie. But I will say that I was pretty into it... for like the first 10 - 15mins, and then it just went hill. Like a lot. This movie was baaad. It was rushed, the pacing was bad, the acting was bad, there were a lot of over the top/cheesey moments, and nothing was ever explained. Justin ended up reading the books and he told me they left out a lot and skipped a lot of key points in the book. They only good things I liked about this movie was how nice the girl's hair looked and Robert Sheehan* (I wish he was in it more) and Aidan Turner. (Oh my they are both so beautiful... and good actors.) Definitely skip this movie, unless you're a huge fan of Twilight and Harry Potter. Yes it did remind me of them, for obvious reasons but it doesn't touch Harry Potter. It's just a mash up of everything that's popular right now.

*I hope I get to see more of Robert Sheehan in the future. He is such a good little actor. He was amazing in Misfits. I basically watched it for him, the show was really really good but his character was just awesome. If you haven't watched Misfits I highly recommend it. It might still be up on Netflix.

Recommend? NO!
Re-watch? Only to make fun of it.
Ah, um, okay so this movie was a bit boring. Yeah its got some action and cool death scenes but more than half of the movie was establishing things... and it was weirdly a pretty quiet movie. It probably didn't help that we went to see this on a rainy day, right after we had a pretty big lunch. Usually on rainy days I'm either super hyper or sleepy... I almost passed out twice during this movie. Totally should have seen this on a cheap night or rented it. Not worth full price. Oh and some of the one liners, trying too hard to be funny. 
Except the last thing he says, it'll be forever funny to me.

Recommend? Nope
Re-watch? Nope
Do you kno how hard it was to find a good poster of this movie? This still isn't a good one but it'll do, I guess. Anyways I loved this movie. Loved. It's more like a documentary, following the lives of the killer whales that were taken from the wild, trained and moved around (like, sea land to sea world). Anyways, by the end of this film you, question how stupid people are, hate Seaworld with a passion, and are questioning if you'll ever visit another Zoo or circus (with animals) again. Please be warned this movie is pretty sad but it's very good and very informative. Basically if you like watching nature shows or documentaries in general, you'll like it.

Recommend? Yes I feel like everyone should go see this one.
Re-watch? I probably will.

Best movie of the month: The Worlds End, for being funny and awesome.
Worst movie of the month: The Mortal Instruments, for being cheesy and lame and just a baaad movie.
Honourable mention(s): Blackfish, for opening my eyes.


  1. I loved blackfish. So much to think about after seeing it.

  2. i've been really wanting to see black fish. and the world's end was great!
    i read all the mortal instrument books (the first three are pretty good, after that they get too dumb) and i liked them, the movie was just terrible. such a bummer because the books really are fun. i feel like they didn't explain ANYTHING in that movie!


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