Oct 16, 2013

Things I like

Here are a few things that I am liking!
So lately whenever I do get the chance to do a WIW post, I've been submitting a picture to Modcloth's Style Gallery. Anyways they added me to the inspiration section for the 'Work to Play Dress' that I loooove. It's such a small thing (doesn't even link me) But It made me super happy when I saw my picture there in the corner.
 My Etsy shop. I am so obsessed with Etsy. I mean I liked it before but now I can't stop checking my stats and stuff. My little shop is slowly growing. :]

And I added a few of my cupcake and mushroom rings to my shop. So far they are getting a good reaction. If these do well, I'll be adding the rest of them. And I have a lot just sitting around. The little red mushroom ring is my favourite!
Anyways, that's it for now. Just wanted to remember all these cool things that are happening.

P.S. I'll only be posting major shop updates on the blog. If you're looking for little discounts or updates whenever I add a new print then please follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. That's so cool you got featured on there but they should definitely link back (!!) I loveeee your shop, I had to favorite and will be stalking :3

    1. Yes they should def link back, but ohwell. And Thank you!! :]

  2. I LOVE my prints I got from your store. They look fantastic. Congrats on being on modcloth. Your so lucky!

    1. AHH! I'm so glad they arrived safely! I kept trying to calculate when you'd get them. So happy. :D


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