Oct 2, 2013

What I wore: I love this dress!

Bow: Handmade
Dress: Modcloth 
Shoes: Payless

Ah! I love, love, love this dress. It's probably my favourite dress from Modcloth (so far!). I never buy from Modcloth until I've read a the reviews. But this dress was new when I purchased it and it had no reviews, so I just took a chance and bought it anyways. So glad I did. I wish they would make more dresses like this one but in lots of different colours. (I would buy them all) It's a nice material, thick but not too thick and its a great length. Plus the collar! I can't get enough of it.

P.S. Why do I always forget to get a picture of my shoes?


  1. That dress is so cute! I love the collar (obviously!) and the simple shape of it. The colors are great too - not a combo I see all the time. xo

    1. i know, the color combo is one of my favourite things about the dress. It's different but it works.

  2. That dress is adorable on you and I especially love the bow :)


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