Nov 19, 2013

Hand Stamped Eyeball Bows

 If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this picture. If not, surprise! I made some new hair bows. And these ones are special because they are hand stamped. 
I carved the stamp myself. Stamped the fabric myself and then sewed the fabric into a hair bow.
 I love how they turned out. At first I didn't like the little black marks (from not carving the stamp deep enough) but I think gives it an interesting look.
 I ended up just hand painting the red lines in. This way every eyeball is a little different.
I might put up a few of these in my shop. (Should I?) I'm so excited to make more stamps and hair bows. I have so many ideas!

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  1. So rad that you made the stamp. They look so cute. I totally think you should sell them.


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