Nov 8, 2013

More Zombie Walk 2013

 So it's been over a week since the Toronto Zombie Walk happened. I've searched through the Toronto Zombie Walk Facebook Page and Flickr and found a few pictures of myself taken by a few photographers (and just people at the walk.) Yay! Here's a similar post from last year
I must say I have twice as many photos this year and I'm pretty happy about that. :]
 This was the first photo I found of myself. I love how I'm smiling... I should be making a 'zombie' face but my reaction to seeing a camera is to smile. haha.
 Here is a not-so-great-picture of me walking in the background. If only the picture showed a little more, my friend was right beside me! But that girl with the spiders on her face looked awesome.
 Another close up face shot. I look a little bored here, but I swear I wasn't!
This one's a video capture. You can see me and my friend walking at 11:10. Not too exciting for you, we're just walking... but there we are!!
And this one was from the Sugar Spot. They had a booth there this year. They sell cupcakes. I was a cupcake. So why not!

P.S. Check out past Zombie Walk posts here.

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  1. So cute! I don't think I saw you at the actual walk, but I can't remember for certain. Either way, your hair and makeup were creeptastic! ♥


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