Nov 21, 2013

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada Part 1

Last week I visited the new Ripley's Aquarium of Canada for the first time. I took a ton of photos but I'm just going to show you my favourites. The highlights for me were the Shark tunnel and the Jellyfish. This isn't my first time visit an Aquarium, but it was my first time not using flash on my camera. It was a lot harder to do, especially when some of the tanks were super dark. But the colours are better.
Do you see the little fish? He looks so upset, lol.
In the Shark tunnel tank. So awesome to see the sharks crossing paths.


  1. Baaah that's awesome! I was so stoked when I found out they were building an aquarium downtown, but I still have yet to actually go there. Go figure, eh? Maybe when I stop spending all my money on Christmas things... Buh.

    1. yes, i made sure to go before the new year. Just a little mini goal. I was supposed to go with a bunch of people but ended up going alone so I could take my time at each tank.

  2. i can't help but take a million photos every time i go to the aquarium! yours are really great!


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