Nov 18, 2013

Shop Update!

         The shop has been open now for almost 2 months. I'm learning so much! I'm also kicking myself for not opening the shop sooner. I have just over 50 items listed. (Yay!) And I'm also now accepting Direct Checkout and Etsy Gift Cards!
Anyways I thought now would be a good time to do a little update...
I made a bunch of brooches last year (I think?) and I listed a few of those.
Another thing that I'm pretty excited about is that I started listing some colouring pages! I have a lot of sketches and doodles that never get finished. Or I just lose interested in finishing them. Over time I'll be adding these printable pages (instant downloads) in my shop. The great thing about these is that once you purchase one, you get to print it as many times as you want. Colouring pages for everyone! I hope these do well, I'd love to see people's finished pages.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I added two print sets. The Nerd and Geek girls and the Skull couple and kids. (You can see them in the first picture at the top). I know I've had people ask me in the past about selling them together because they are a theme. (And they kind of go together) Anyways there is only 1 print set available for each as of now. I won't be able to get more prints made for a few weeks.

P.S. The very last thing I want to mention is I have a Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday coupon for you! Use the code: BLACKFRI (at check out) to get 20% OFF everything in my shop, minus the instant downloads (printables). Coupon expires on Dec 3rd.

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