Dec 26, 2013

Goals for 2013: Recap

So, remember my 2013 goals? You can check out my update on them at the 6 month mark too.
Well now it's time to recap how I did...
1. Tattoo. (Yes)
Not only did I get my colourful owls done on my arms but I also got some pretty roses done on my feet (and a small fly on my leg.) Already have a bunch of ideas for next year, just hope I have the funds for them.

2. Print off pictures. (Kinda)
I printed off pictures from my Tobermory trip this summer. But I never got around to getting pictures printed from my other trips or everyday life. Something I still want to get done later though.

3. Dress up. (Kinda)
I want to say I did alright with this one. Almost every time we went out I'd 'dress up'. Not every time but most of the time. I've also noticed that when I find a really nice dress I really want to wear it, like all the time! (My Mom is sick of seeing this dress) I've found a few favourites and have been wearing them like crazy.
4. Get active/volunteer. (Yes)
I think I did a pretty good job with this one too. We did the hot yoga thing for a while and then it just became too much money. I also took a bunch of hula hooping classes. I started in the spring time, took a break for about a month or two and then got back into it once it started to get rainy here. I want to keep up with hooping. The classes aren't that expensive and there's so much to learn. It's really fun. I'll be taking a new class for it in the new year!
I never got to fully volunteer at the humane society like I wanted to but I did get to help out at an event. So that is something. I'm hoping I'll be able to do more volunteering stuff next year.

5. Use that fancy-schmancy camera. (Kinda?)
The only time I used my Pentax this year was for outfit photos and photos of my artwork. But I did take it to the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada! But basically I kept it safe inside...
6. Decorate. (Yes)
Our little apartment is nice and decorated. There are still a few empty spots on the walls but really, it's pretty full here. I like it. Looks nice and homey. Too bad were thinking of moving. The walls are cracking and coming down. :[

7. Save money. (Yes)
Yes, I saved a nice chunk of money. Althought I had to put my saved funds on hold once we got closer to Christmas because some things changed with work. So to be safe we stopped all money going into savings accounts until we were sure of what was happening. Then we found out some bad news about our taxes and looks like all that money I saved up is going back to the government. Ohwell... next job I'll be starting that monthly withdraw again.
8. Online store. (Yes)
YES! And I had a great first month! So glad I finally did this. I can't wait to see how my little shop grows and changes next year.

9. Animate in 3D/stop-motion. (No)
I never got around to making this happen. I guess I was just too busy. That's okay though, I got a lot of other things done.
Did you make any goals for the year/month/season? How did you do?


  1. That's really neat about the Hula Hoop classes! I'd like to look into that and see if there are classes around here-that would be so fun! You seem to have done a really great job on your goals for the year! I love your foot tattoos by the way!

    1. I hope you find some classes near you, its super fun

  2. wow you did pretty good on your goals :) congrats!!
    I'm making progress on mine slowly but surely but I plan to be much more productive in 2014 :)

  3. You did so many of your goals, congratulations. I failed on most of mine.

    1. As long as you're having a fun year i don't think it matters much. Sometimes goals change too. Maybe seasonal goals would be better?

  4. Your are a good artist.
    Live for your art.

    Hans Olsen

  5. you did so well! i had to look back at my blog to see what my goal was, and i kept is simple last year and made my goal "be kind to yourself." i did pretty well with that I think!

    1. that is a great goal, simple but challenging sometimes. :]

  6. You did a great job with your goals! It's especially awesome that you started an Etsy shop. :)


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