Dec 9, 2013

What I wore: The brown dress

Mini cardigan: Gift
Dress: Modcloth 
Tights: Ends
Shoes: Payless 

Whoa, I completely forgot about these pictures. They've been sitting in my drafts for who knows how long... well, since I had green-ish hair apparently! I think I've only worn this dress once so far. The dress came with a small rip on the top of the dress (hence why I'm wearing a cardigan). Other than that it's completely fine. Maybe the dress is a bit too clingy for my taste but still really cute. The good news is that I let Modcloth know about the rip and they refunded me my money. I then bough myself another dress for about the same price. And love it. Totally win-win!

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  1. Soo pretty. I've never worn that colour before. And I love the little cardigan.


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