Jan 31, 2013

Nail Art 51: Blue on blue

I don't really have much to say about these nails. I just really wanted to try out my new blue nail polish (the darker blue) I found at Shoppers for $1.99, I'd say it was worth it. It goes on really smooth, maybe a bit too smooth! I'll probably go back soon and get a few more colours. I also restocked my Seche Vite top coat recently and ended up getting the base coat too, cause why not try it out too.

Jan 29, 2013

Sailor Moon and Luna

Another sketch of Sailor Moon, but this time with Luna. I want to point out that this is a super rough sketch. I see a bunch of things that I need to tweak. So yeah. 
I got the idea from my favourite movie ever, Princess Mononoke (I'm obsessed with it, really.) If you click on the link, you'll see some of the images I was inspired by (Like; Mononoke riding a wolf... Sailor Moon riding a cat. You see it, I know you do.) I'm thinking of a space-y/galaxy background for this one, maybe.
In other news, I've learned that it takes me a while to fall into a routine at a new job. Which means I've fallen a bit behind, so this week is super-busy-work-really-hard-week for me. I should have had my work done a lot sooner. I'll have to really work hard this week so I don't fall waaaay behind. So much work to do, but then hopefully I'll have the weekend free and maybe clean up some of these sketches.

Jan 28, 2013

Photo an hour: January 26th

Got up, walked Cap and ate something.
Showered and then checked internet stuff, like emails, blogs, etc. 
10AM - 12PM
This is when I should have done a few hours of work. Instead I decided to do my nails and blast My Little Pony because whoever lives below me was blasting their music for about an hour.
1 - 2PM
Cleaning up a bit.
3 - 4PM
Finally getting out of the apartment to do some running around. Waiting for the subway which was super packed.
Dinner with a friend!
Heading back to Sean's place for a movie. This guys costume was pretty awesome so I had to take a picture.
Snacks while we watch a movie and no I did not finish that whole chocolate milk. But I sure tried.

Jan 25, 2013

Fighting evil by moonlight

Yes, yes a Sailor Moon doodle. Finally! I can't believe I've never posted anything Sailor Moon related on here before, but I guess I just don't do much fan art anymore.
Sailor Moon was probably my most favourite cartoon growing up. I have so many memories of watching the show and drawing Sailor Moon over and over at school. Sometimes for myself and a lot of the times for other kids at school. I had a binder full of them. I wish I could find some of them, I bet they were pretty awesome. In school we'd always 'play' Sailor Moon and I'd be Sailor Jupiter. We'd also pretend to be the Spice Girls too. I'd always end up being sporty spice because I was a tomboy and I liked that she was so different from the other girls. Good times!

Which sailor scout was your favourite?

Jan 24, 2013

Nail Art 50: Sloppy dots

I just figured out that this is my 50th nail art post. I think any other person would probably have a nicer/cooler design to show off, but not me. I'm showing probably my most boring and lazy design. Sloppy dots because I used the lime green nail polish brush to do them instead of a dotting tool. Ohwell, they look nice from far away.

Jan 23, 2013

Mushroom girl

This doodle was inspired by some artwork I saw on tumblr. I just really liked the idea behind it and I was sort of in the mood to draw some mushrooms too. I got the idea in my head to draw a mushroom girl with a mushroom for a head. However she looked weird without hair, (to me) like she was incomplete...
 After I added in the blue layer of hair I noticed she was starting to look a bit like Kaylah of The Dainty Squid. It wasn't really my intention to draw her but I decided it was better to just go with it than to fight it. So now it's a cute girl with blue hair wearing a sort of mushroom hat. In the final version, the rough colours will probably stay somewhat similar because I they they look cute. But some things will get altered a bit, as usual.
For anyone who's interested the mushroom in this drawings is the Amanita muscaria, you know the pretty red mushrooms with the white dots all over them.
I like it. I wanna do more girls with colourful hair, wearing different mushroom hats.

P.S. Some of my prints are in a giveaway over at Blargle Fargle. Go check it out!

Jan 22, 2013

Stickygram Magnets

Even since I started lurking people's Instagrams, I've been seeing these ads for Stickygram. I think this site's pretty popular by now but just in case, Stickygram makes magnets out of your Instagram photos and (bonus) their shipping is free! I made a mental note to make sure to get a few magnets for myself when I had the extra money.
You can pick out 9 for $15. To me that seems like a pretty good price. These are the ones I picked out and it was hard just picking 9.
I really like them. I'd say the magnets themselves are your standard magnet, so don't expect them to be super powerful or stiff. (strong enough to hold up paper) They are actually bendable and they are exactly my photos from Instagram. I can't really tell the difference, which is awesome! I'm totally getting more in the future, probably in the summer time, since that is when I take the most pictures.
Has anyone else ever used Stickygram? If not, would you ever try it?
P.S. Stickygram didn't pay me for this post, I just really liked my Stickygrams. :]

Jan 21, 2013


Some of you may already know, for those of you who don't... Modcloth is having a pretty big sale right now. (they have this sale around this time, every year.) I got really excited and started surfing the site for probably a good hour or so, even waiting while the site crashed many, many, many times. I finally went to go pay for my awesome finds when I realized I could only pay with Paypal and I haven't put money on my Paypal for months! Modcloth sales don't last that long, so I guess I'll be missing this sale. I know it's not that big of a deal (it's just clothes) but I got bummed out anyways. So I did this colourful doodle to keep myself busy.

Flying poops

A true story that has happened more than once.

Jan 18, 2013

Girl with flowers

I should be working but instead I started doodling this girl. It started off as just the head and I was going to leave it. But then I started adding the arm, then her waist... and by then I was like, might as well put the whole thing in there. So I did. I love how messy my rough drawings are.

Jan 16, 2013

Happy face

A bunch of things that I'm thankful for and are giving me a happy face...
Looking at my work station. It's so colourful!
This picture of Captain because you can see where he's missing a tooth.
And this picture of him because of his wide/freaked out eye.
Finally put up my arrow key fob.
How pretty my nail polish looks all lined up. Also using my second nail polish rack to display my mini figures, for now.
This cute/silly picture of Justin and Captain playing.
And this cute GIF.
Other things making me happy;
Going to hot yoga with Justin, my new-new job, planning movie nights, getting to work from home half the week, lemon tea, sleeping in, getting snail mail, avocado, frozen yogurt.
What's making you happy lately? :]

Jan 14, 2013

Pink tribal bat

Here is the finished pink (tribal) bat done in the same 'style' as this. Before you say anything, yes I know the rows aren't even. I don't know what happened but I know what I need to do for the next time around. I think the ends of the wings (and the ears) turned out the best. I'm even thinking of doing another bat, but not any time soon.
P.S. Available on Redbubble.

Jan 12, 2013

A doodle

Yay for the weekend!

Jan 10, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday #41

Such a pretty picture.
Love this.
Look at this hot mama. Love the big hair and eye makeup.
This is so pretty. I just like it.
And this made me smile. :]

Jan 9, 2013

Instagram stuff

1. One of my personal goals is to take more self portraits. (I barely have any pictures of myself) So here is one of me heading out to work one morning.
2. My work station! I added a few of my mini's to the wall to make it more colourful.
3. I haven't had any time (or daylight) to take any pictures of my nails. Boo.
4. A family walk on a cold day.
5. My cat hanger, one of my xmas gifts from Justin. I want them all!
6. We thought it would just be the burger meat, but the burger came fully done. Weird.
7. Obviously, big bird. Com'on guys.
8. My new nail polish rack. I love being able to see all my nail polish.

Jan 7, 2013

WIP: Pink bat

I wouldn't normally post a second WIP, but I don't have much else to post for this week. (busy and lazy weekend.) This is a WIP update of the pink bat I've been working on for the past little while. I'll admit I haven't been working on it that much. Just a row here and there. But it's almost done! I can't wait to start another one soon.
Suggestions welcome for the next animal I should do in this style! :]
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