May 31, 2013

Missing Greece

 Last week I posted about missing Poland. Well this week it's Greece. (there no more after this. Promise.) It was such good times. Lots of moving around, climbing stairs, sweating, drinking lots of water and eating so much ice cream!
If you're interested check out the first post I did about my trip to Greece here.
 Obviously we took a lot of pictures of the ruins and what not. We visited all the ones in Athens that we could. It was so much fun seeing how big they are in person. The people that get to live near these ruins... these parts of history and get to walk by them everyday... they don't know how lucky they are!
 We also visited a few old castles, this one was right on the water. Speaking of water... the water there is so beautiful! And it has to be because it's so hot in Greece. All you wanna do is swim.
 A lot of Greece is hilly and the ruins are up on the biggest hills, so we got to see some pretty views on the way up. Plus it's a work out!
 This was at Pylos in Greece and it was so pretty there. Again, very hilly so there are steps everywhere.
 Lots of swimming and snorkeling to find these babies.
 We ate some pretty yummy food. Tried a lot of new stuff too.
 I also found a cat lady. Lots of stray cats and dogs in Europe. :[
 We also got tear gassed because we were shopping near a riot area. I was tearing for so long and it was really annoying because everyone made fun of me.
And again... I miss the plane ride. I guess I just enjoy looking out the window and long rides.

May 30, 2013

Sponsor in June (and July?)

Ah It's pretty much summer time now and every month this year is just flying by. Crazy stuff. I'm having a 2 for 1 sale, If you purchase an ad space in June, I'll give you an extra month for free. (purchase one month and I'll add the other myself.) Why? Because I want to! It's time for bike rides, ice cream, road trips, swimming, garage sales, getting a tan/burn, visiting the zoo, sitting in front of the AC and whatever else you like to do when it's hot out. I want to celebrate the warm weather with you guys! If you're not interested in advertising you could always tell your friends (bloggers and shop owners) about it!?
Some exciting stuff happening in June, my tattoo appointment (been waiting forever), checking out the Toronto Tattoo Show, more hula hoop classes, wearing more of my new dresses, all the awesome summer movies coming out and preparing for my road trip in July.
So I'd love to have you as a sponsor on my blog! Check out my ad page for more info or email me if you'd like. :]

May 28, 2013

Photo an hour: May 25th

It's been a couple of months since my last Photo an hour post, so I thought why not do one on a weekend where I have a (sort of) day off?
 Got up a bit earlier than I usually do, so I could check out some garage sales. And obviously the first thing you do in the morning when you live in an apartment with a dog... is walk that dog. Walk him hard. :]
 I get ready for the day. For breakfast I have some yogurt with granola in a cup.
 I head out to check out a few sales in my area... Story time! 
So the last garage sale I go to is pretty awesome. Full of some cool vintage stuff. A lot of stuff I wouldn't buy for myself but I really like looking at. Anyways, I'm about to leave and decide to say something nice to the lady selling all this awesome stuff. I wanted to say something like; 'This stuff is so neat.' 'Do you collect?' 'Are these all from your family?' but instead I said 'You got some cool sh*t.' I was so embarrassed! What a lame thing to say. Just goes to show you how bad I am at socializing. Ugh.
 10AM - 11AM
I come back home and have a snack/lunch while I relax a bit. (I have no clue why that candle is in the picture.)
Waiting for the street car so I can head over to do some extra 'work' in a short film. Not work, just for fun.
 1PM - 5:30PM
Lots of fun filming.We were shooting a party scene, hence all the booze.
 6PM - 7PM
I head back home and make sure I take Cap out for a long walk.
I'm tired from all the standing around I did, so I decide to be lazy on the couch for a bit. But I feel bad that I'm not doing anything so I do some sewing. The rest of the night is a mix between sewing and trying to do some work on the computer.
And that's what I did! :]

May 27, 2013

What I wore: Brown polka dot

Necklace: Urban Planet
Dress: Modcloth
Belt: Katie
Socks: Ardene
Shoes: Ardene

This is the first time I'm showing off one of my Modcloth dresses on here! While this dress isn't my favourite from my small Modcloth dress collection, I do like it. The only thing that kinda bugs me about it is how tight it is in the shoulders/upper arm area. I think this is a dress I'd wear more in the cooler months with tights since I personally feel like it's a bit short on me. I like my dresses/skirts to hit at the knee. And why is the last picture so different from all the others? I do not know but I wanted to include it to show off my cute socks and shoes.

May 24, 2013

Nail Art 57: Red, purple, blue

These are some old nail designs, I totally forgot that I had this post set up as a draft. Sadly I haven't done my nailed in weeks because of work and a few boo-boo's on my fingers that need to stay clean to heal. I can't wait to get back into doing my nails weekly!

P.S. It's hard coming up with names for nails...

May 22, 2013

Missing Poland

My parents are visiting family in Poland again, (they go every few years) and it made me want to look through my old photos of when I was in Poland (and Greece) last. Which was just two years ago. Time sure does fly! I posted about my trip to Poland here, but in reality I took so many pictures that I could have easily done a part 1, 2 and 3. (I wonder why I didn't?)
Anyways here are some of my favoutite pictures from my trip to Poland that I haven't shared on the blog before. Please note this post is photo heavy!
I miss how close my grandparents live to each other. It made it super easy to go back and forth for lunches, dinners and teas. Inside my Dad's apartment, my Mom's apartment is under the red balcony.
I miss both my grandma's cooking. We ate so much in Poland, everyone spoiled us.
Catching my grandma doing her makeup. Hehe.
Listening to my Grandpa play his accordion. I just found the videos I took of him playing too. So nice to watch and listen. I might post a video on the blog later.
Even though I'm not a fan of going to church/religion, I loved seeing all the pretty churches we visited. And we visited a lot of them! Everyone in my family is super religious.
This one was a huge one!
The cemeteries in Poland are so pretty. Everyone's plot/stone was different and covered with flowers. You can tell they get a lot of visitors because of all the growing plants and candles.
We also visited a lot of towers and castles and got to see some awesome views.
Some of the artwork inside of a castle/church. So pretty!
I miss how everyone kept trying to get me drunk.. especially my Grandpa.
The little cars!
Holy water for sale.
Visiting an aquarium. My cousins made a big deal about it but it was actually really small.
Going to disco tech/bars with everyone.
I forgot what this was called but it was so freakin' good! We had it a lot. Like, a loooot.
I remember when we went camping for a few days and my eye was swollen for two days for some reason and it freaked me out.
Lots of food, every time we went to meet someone. Food.
Finding lots of critters.
Making my brother do these kind of silly touristy shots with everything.
And I miss the plane ride.
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