Jun 27, 2013

Nail Art 58: Sloppy sparkly leopard

I ended up doing these nails as the sun was going down and it got too dark to really see what I was doing. But I think they came out pretty good. (These are the same nails I did for when I went camping and they lasted a while.) I added a small amount of glitter onto the blobs of pink, can't really see it too well in the pictures but I swear it's there!
Excuse the last picture. Normally I wouldn't post such an exposed shot but I just like it for some reason.

Jun 26, 2013

Sponsor sale! (July and August)

Just a reminder that I'm still having that summer sale for my ad spaces. It's a 2 for 1 sale, for any ad space. Purchase an ad in July and I'll give you august for free! Stat info and purchase here. :]

Jun 25, 2013

Camping time

This weekend we went camping, obviously I took a butt-load of pictures because that is how I do. Not only was it the first time we went camping with Captain, but also a first time for setting up a new tent in the dark! Fun times though.

Inside our tent.
Our set up.
This was from the first night, getting the fire going for s'mores and hot dogs.
Lots of caterpillars around.
Should have paid more attention to this sign because when we came back from our walk...
we found this. They totally ignored the open garbage bag and the bananas on the table. 
Cookies and marshmallows. Yum.
 Don't let this picture fool you. (he was just tired from the car ride.) Captain loved being outside all weekend! And even though I really didn't want to bring him, he was actually pretty good for most of the trip. He figured out right away that the camp site and the tents were 'home' and he didn't make any messes.
I can see us taking him camping again in the future.

Jun 21, 2013

Gone camping

We've gone camping for the weekend. Hopefully Captain doesn't do this all night. See ya next week!

Jun 20, 2013

Fisheye part 2

 Second (and last) post about my Fisheye pictures.
I just noticed Justin's hand in this picture, haha.
Yes it is!
Game night, I do believe we were playing Cards Against Humanity. Very fun game!
Waiting for my Starbucks.
Another one of my favourite shots. I love burns and little mistakes like this that only happen with film.

Jun 18, 2013


 I think now would be a good time to make a little post about Grojband! The show has already aired the first few episodes and it looks like it's doing pretty well. I'm already seeing a bit of fan art and what not online. Also just want to point out that, this show is by the same people that made 6Teen (love!) and Total Drama Island, so if you like those shows you'll love this one.
 Even though the show has aired already, I actually didn't start working on it until about half way through the first season. So the first couple episodes are pretty new to me. I really can't wait to see a few that I've worked on, I'd love to see some of my shots with the added FX and sound effects... ohhh! Oh by the way, you should like Grojband on Facebook!
I have to say that I really enjoy Trina's character a lot. I love animating her, she is so all over the place. Close second would be Laney.
I can't wait until all the episodes air and I really hope there is a second season (and more!) of this awesome show. It would be great to be on a show for the long haul and watch it grow.

Have you watched any episodes of Grojband yet? If so, how do you like it?

P.S. Check out this cool behind the scenes video!

P.P.S. All images via the Grojband blog.

Jun 17, 2013

Goals for 2013: Update

Around this time of the year I like to look over my goals and see how I'm doing...

1. Tattoo. (Yes)
Finally got my tattoo started!! Just have to go back once more to get it coloured. I had to do a small pink and red ink test because I'm allergic to red ink, I guess. Really hope it stays in so I can have pink and red tattoos in the future! I'm already thinking about my next tattoo(s). I might try to get one more thing done before the end of this year. But we'll see how things go money wise...

2. Print off pictures. (Kinda)
I found my vacation pictures. I've gone through them and the ones I want printed out are sitting in a folder on my computer. Now to just go get them printed off... one day.

3. Dress up. (Kinda)
I want to say that I've been doing 'okay' on this one. Once it got a little warmer I started wearing my dresses more and more (especially this one). We'll see how I do with this in the actual summer time. Our summer in Canada has been a bit cooler and very rainy. But I have a good feeling that July and August are going to be hot, hot, hot!
4. Get active/volunteer. (Yes)
As I mentioned before, Justin and I started going to Hot Yoga, we're recently stopped because it's pretty expensive and now that it's warmer we want to do things outside. I'm sure we'll get back into it in the cooler months. I've started hula hooping, so excited to get into it again, (hula hooping with an adult hoop is a lot different than the ones when I was a kid. I basically started from scratch.) I decided to take a Hula Hoop class and even got myself a fancy ninja hoop! The class is really fun and we've been learning a bunch of hoop tricks and stuff. Its a really good work out.The biggest challenge for me, is trying to walk while hooping.
As for volunteering, I wanted to volunteer at the Human Society but they only look for new volunteers a couple times a year. So I'm just waiting for that notification and I'll sign right up.

5. Use that fancy-schmancy camera. (No)
Okay, I'll admit it. I haven't been doing too well with this one. I want to take nice pictures but I hate lugging a big heavy camera around. Plus I worry all the time about it getting broken or stolen? So I always go for my smaller/lighter cameras. I need to get over it and just bring it! I think I'm going to force myself to bring it on my trip next month.
6. Decorate. (Yes)
I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job of this. I've been slowly putting more stuff up. Taking down things that we don't like anymore or moving them into a different rooms. Finding things while thrifting always helps too. The living room looks a lot better now that we've moved some things around and added some things that 'complete' a room (like a rug). The bed room is starting to get there too.

7. Save money. (kinda)
Went to my bank one day and set up a few savings accounts. I love watching the numbers slowly grow with each paycheck. I don't know what I'll do with the saved money at the end of the year. But I think I'll just leave most of it in there for a rainy day or as an emergency fund.
Paying off my loans is going okay so far. I would like to be putting more money towards my loans but other things come up... you know. Life. I should be able to put more money on my loans in the next 6 months though.

8. Online store. (No)
I'm still working on this one.

9. Animate in 3D/stop-motion. (No)
This hasn't happened, yet.

Did you make any goals for the year/month?

Jun 11, 2013

Fisheye part 1

 I finally got some film developed and lucky me, one of the rolls was from my newest cameras, the Fisheye! I took a lot of pictures of random things to test out how warped the pictures came out.
On a walk.
One of my favourite shots of Captain about to jump onto the bed.
This is probably Justin's favourite shot of him and his friend.
I'll show off a few more pictures from my Fisheye camera next week. :]

Jun 6, 2013

WIP: Bug out

So happy I started cleaning this doodle up. I'm really excited to get it finished. It looks like next week is going to be a super busy one for me, lots of things going on pretty much everyday but I'm excited about it all. Being busy is good!
And other good news, is that I finished all my bows (just over 200!) for Atomic Lollipop and Fan Expo. I know I made a lot but I'm aiming to sell at least half my stock. I think I should invest in a little sewing machine. :]

Jun 5, 2013

Review: May Movies

The Big Wedding
I thought this would have been a fun rom-com to go see. Nope. So disappointing! It wasn't funny, like at all. The story was all over the place and the ending was rushed. I didn't get attached to any of the characters, because I just did not care. There were some parts I really disliked because of the message it was sending but, whatever!

Recommend? No.
Re-watch? No!
Iron Man 3
I was expecting a lot more from this movie. I mean, com'on it's Iron Man, the first two movies were so good! Even though this one was okay, it just didn't measure up to the other movies. So, It did disappoint. Still had lots of little jokes, funny come backs and sweet action shots but it was missing something. There just wasn't enough of Iron Man!

Recommend? Sure, if you're a big fan of Iron Man.
Re-watch? Maybe? Probably not.
The Great Gatsby
Let me start off by saying that I did not read the book... I was so excited for this movie! Too bad it was kind of a let down. I wanted to like the movie. I tried so hard. I tried to defend it but I can't lie to myself. I did not like it. Leonardo was amazing (as usual), him and the amazing costumes, outfits, decorations, hair do's and make up were probably my favourite parts about the movie. I'll admit I was getting really bored at the start of the movie, until they introduced Gatsby. The narration was annoying and the transitions were weird. Different but weird.

Recommend? Nope.
Re-watch? Only to look at the outfits and stuff.
 Star Trek Into Darkness
This was my first IMAX movie of the year (we usually go to IMAX maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Save it for the special movies), we traveled to the more fancy movie theatre for this one since we knew we really wanted to see this one. And is was totally wicked! It was so good and I was so happy we spent the extra money and saw it in a nice big theatre instead of our regular cheap one. I can only say good things about this one. Lots of action, great acting, effects were so pretty. I even didn't mind the 3D so much because it worked with the movie so well and usually I hate 3D.

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Yes!!
Not that epic... ha! Okay this one wasn't that bad, I actually didn't want to see this movie that badly, even though it was an animated film. Just didn't seem that interesting to me. But It was okay. The animation was nice. They did a lot of crazy perspective stuff at the beginning which was cool. The father was annoying and felt like he didn't belong in the movie. Also I hated beyonce in this. Nothing against her as a person/singer but she just felt so out of place. (clearly not a voice actor!) The slug and snail were my favourite part they had a lot of one liners that almost made me cry with laughter. Yes they were that funny! And one last thing, Christoph Waltz, I just love his voice so much.

Recommend? Meh...
Re-watch? Probably no.
The Hangover 3
 I was sorta excited to see this movie. I really liked The hangover and the second one wasn't as good as the first but still okay. I don't know why but I thought the third one would be awesome. The trailers made it look really good but they were just showing off all the good parts. Anyways, yes this movie was a bit of a let down. I'd say the best part of the movie was the very end, right after the main credits they show a little funny clip. And it was so funny! Why wasn't that movie like that!? I would have liked to have seen that end clip, as the movie.

Recommend? Nah.
Re-watch? No thanks.

Best movie of the month: Star Trek, for being so freakin' awesome!!
Worst movie of the month: The Big Wedding, for not being funny at all and just... no.

Jun 4, 2013

What I wore: Dr. King Schultz

Pants: Costco
Belt: Old
Shoes: Ardene

In reality I shouldn't really be posting these pictures because they are kind of grainy but I am anyways because I do what I want! Do you like my hair flip pictures? I took these one day when I had the apartment all to myself, this is what I wore out to run some errands. And I love this shirt! I was browsing 6 Dollar Shirts one day and saw this dentist/tooth shirt and knew I had to have it in a nice bright colour.
Also, yes these black stretchy skinny jeans are from Costco... I mean I've bought shorts and shirts from there before but nothing this awesome. These pants are so comfy

Jun 3, 2013

Moon in your eyes

 Here is the finished Moon eyes sketch... I can't believe I started cleaning this at the beginning of May and I just got it finished! Not like I was working on it the whole month, I'm just surprised it took me this long to come back to it.
I love how the feather/leaf neck looks. It's probably my favourite part of this drawing. Thinking about if I should make this into a print or not, but I probably won't.
And this week we switch over to Total Drama Island for a couple of weeks, then I think we switch back to Grojband? Has anyone heard of or watches Total Drama Island?

Jun 1, 2013

Fan Expo

 I just wanted to make a quick post about Fan Expo because not too long ago we got our table info and whatnot. This will be our 3rd year participating in Fan Expo! Oh how time flies.
As you can see we're in a bit of a different spot this year. Usually we're away from the wall and near the flow of traffic. This year we're at the end of the row (near the wall where there's professional comic book artists). We're also right beside the food court, which has it's pros and cons. I still don't know how I feel about the location but I guess we'll see how it goes.
Also Fan Expo grew a bit this year. They added an extra building and extended everything. I know artist alley wasn't this big last year. As always I am super excited for Fan Expo and I can't wait. I'm almost finished my bows and a few weeks before, I'll be doing a small print run to get any last minute prints made before August for both shows.

Anyone going to Fan Expo this year? It's gonna be huge!
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