Jul 31, 2013

Tobermory on film

I brought a disposable camera with me to Tobermory and these are a few of my favourite photos.
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Jul 30, 2013

10 things you don't know about me

I've been seeing a lot of these '10 things you don't know about me' posts around the internet now and I thought, why not me? So here are 10 things about me, that you might have not known.
1. I get blisters on my feet often, from bad shoes. I can't wear most flats because of this and it sucks because flats are so cute and cheap! I have to be really picky about the kind of shoes I buy.

2. Growing up,  I really wanted glasses and braces. I remember kids that had coloured braces, and they'd change them for every holiday. So cool! I knew a lot of kids with braces and/or glasses and even though having braces and/or glasses isn't considered 'popular' in the schools I went to, most of the 'popular' kids had them.

3. I hate the gym and I don't like working out. I find it to be super boring. For me to actually exercise I need to feel like I'm doing something fun. Hence why I started hot yoga and hula hooping this year. Just something to keep me active that isn't boring!

4. I hate don't like coffee. The only coffee thing I'll have is iced cappuccinos in the summer time and only because they are iced and have a lot of sugar in them. Oh, and chocolate coffee flavoured energy drinks for those late work nights.

5. I have these weird fears, like; losing an arm, losing fingers, losing my eyesight. Okay those aren't weird fears, but the reason why I'm more afraid of losing my arm as opposed to my leg is because then I won't be able to animate/draw/paint. I have nightmares about this. I am so happy with what I do that I'm afraid to lose it.

6. I've never broken/cracked a bone in my body.

7. I love Asian culture. I love the history, the language, the food, the anime, the fashion... I could go on and on. I really want to visit Japan one day, I just have to find someone to go with me.

8. I'm not a big fan of summer. I know a lot of people love summer because it means no school and vacations but I don't enjoy being hot and sweaty. Don't get me wrong, I like summer for the extra day light, baby animals, pretty flowers, road trips, swimming at the beach, etc. but I'm all about bundling up with cute sweaters and scarves.

9. I'm Polish. I can understand it but I barely speak it.

10. You know when people hold up 3 fingers (to show you they want 3 of something?) Most people will hold up the pointer, middle and ring fingers and hold down their pinky with their thumb. Well, I can't do that! I've tried so hard to do it but I guess my fingers aren't that flexible.

I don't know who to tag so if you want to do this post, just do it! :]

P.S. 'Things I'm afraid to tell you' is a similar post I did last year.

Jul 29, 2013


 It's not really summer (to me) until I get my hands on some sparklers.
My favourites are the second and third photo. I'm pretty proud of my cat/animal outline. And Tania worked hard on that treble clef!

Have you taken any fun pictures with sparklers or flashlights?

P.S. Photos thanks to Tania.

Jul 25, 2013

Tobermory part 2

 Here is part two of my trip to Tobermory. This is the day we decided to head to the Grotto! This was also the day I wanted to use my better camera to take nicer pictures but for some reason my memory card was acting up so I was stuck with my small waterproof camera. But I think it worked out for the best because we did a lots of rock climbing and I'm sure I would have scratched up my camera.
Anyways, It was an amazing day and probably my favorite day from our trip!
Check out Tobermory part one here.
 After a little walk through the woods we find this beautiful view waiting for us. Look at the water, so pretty!
 We decided to relax by the water for a bit. This was after our first attempt at getting in the water. It was way too cold and we were only standing in it.
 I eventually man-ed up and just bolted for the water. It was freezing but I did it!
 Here is Tania making her way back to the water. There were rocks everywhere and we didn't bring any water shoes, so we just used our flip flops. It didn't help much but it was better than nothing. It hurt so much getting in and out of the water.
 We walked around a bit and discovered this. Looks like an old grotto? Pretty neat.
 We found a way to get down there (by climbing the side of the rocks) for some pictures and fun.
 Here is the actual Grotto. This picture does it no justice! It was so beautiful. And it was a workout just getting there and back up. Lots of climbing that day and we were pretty sore the next day.
This was our motel, cute and simple.
Some of the pictures, after I took the camera into the water have smudges on them. I wish I did a better job of cleaning the camera.
 Food time. It grosses me out that the onion rings look like they're touching my face, even though they weren't.
 This restaurant belongs to the family that owns the motel we stayed at.
 Walking around town, trying to work off the burgers.
But never mind we found beaver tails and had to try one (or two). First time for us and they were soooo good! Very bad for you, obviously. Mine was an Oreo flavoured one.

Jul 24, 2013

Nail Art 59: What is this?

 This is what happens when you really want to do your nails but have no ideas as to what you want to do, so you just do whatever! I ended up using 4 or 5 different coloured nail polishes, lots of glitter, nail stickers and my nail art pens. And you know what? I kind of like them.
Also, for the first time ever, (and possibly the last time?) I'm including a picture of my feet...(sorry if feet gross you out. I know they gross me out sometimes.) to show off my sparkly star design on my toes. I know it's not the best picture... I don't usually do my feet and when I do it's just a simple colour on all of them, nothing fancy. But lately I've been putting little designs on my big toes for fun.

When you do your nails do you try to match your design on your hands with your feet?

Jul 22, 2013

A small thrift

 Just a couple of things I found recently.
 Probably my favourite thing I found so far, some pressed flowers in a frame. There were actually a few of them at the store but I went for just one. The most colourful one!
 I've recently started putting my hair up. 1, because my hair is long enough to do it and 2, because it's hot as balls! I've discovered that I don't look as gross if I have a cute scarf or bandana in my hair... something to draw the attention away from my gross bangs. I can't wait for fall/winter.
 This is probably my second favourite thing I've found recently. Check out the pretty colours on this cute pillow case.
And I found a few more records to spin. Our collection is growing so fast, I need to find a new way of storing all of them. Right now a few are in a small bin-like-table and the rest stay in a bag on the floor.
Find any cool thrifted things lately? :]

P.S. Forgot to mention I found this awesome canteen at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Love it.

Jul 16, 2013

Tobermory part 1

So I'm back from Tobermory and it was a blast! Here is part one of my trip. The first day and a half the weather was kinda of blah, but it didn't rain so we still got to go out and enjoy ourselves.
This post is photo heavy!
 Starting our adventure off right with a quick picture at a red light.
 On our way we saw this huge chair on someone's lawn. Normally we wouldn't go on the property but they had two houses and one of them looked like a store. We thought maybe it was a gift shop? Well it wasn't. The lady didn't care about us taking pictures but she yelled at us to keep off her grass.
 Not too far from our destination we found another chair. A better chair, because it was super comfy and they had signs encouraging people to take pictures.
 We made it!
 After checking into our motel we got some dinner and spend the rest of the night walking around and watching bad TV.
 The next day we decide to take our chances with a boat tour. We thought it might rain the rest of our trip but actually this was our worst day.
Waiting to board the boat!
 Even though it was kind of windy out that day, we still got to see some pretty cool shipwrecks.
 Just to show how fast we were going. Hair everywhere!
 We arrived at Flowerpot Island and had an hour to explore before our boat took us back. I think we saw about less than half of the Island.
 The island is named after these flowerpot shaped rocks. I think this one was the biggest. And look how pretty the water is. I know it looks just okay but it was really clean and clear. And I'm not used to seeing such clean water, especially coming from Toronto. (haha)
 So cold!
 We had just enough time to check out this cave on the island, I took a panoramic to show you how cool it was. You should be able to click on it to make it bigger.
 After the boat tour and some food we decided to check out the park and a museum.
 That's a common beaver skull and beside it, is a huge beaver skull. So freaky.
 This was where I got 80% of my mosquito bites.
And I'll end this post with a pretty view of the water.
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