Jan 15, 2014

Eternal Girl Necklaces

I wanted to show off some of Julia's awesome necklaces. I wore one of them in, What I Wore: Nerdy Cat post. She runs a shop called Eternal Girl (as well as a blog!) and it's full of these very cute designs she puts on necklaces, but she also has some rings! Not only are these designs cute and fun but even the boxes they come in are pretty... so pretty, I still have mine. 

She is offering you guys 15% off with the code; ANGEL15. 

So go grab a fun new necklace (or ring) from her shop!
Below I've listed a few of my favourites from her shop but she also updates her shop with new designs all the time so don't forget to check it out too. :]
 Love this one!


  1. These are so pretty! The raccoon and mermaid ones are my favorites. :-) Definitely another Etsy shop I will have to add to my favorites!

  2. Wow looking forward to seeing all the designs on Etsy. Cute and unique



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