Jan 27, 2014

Life Lately

I thought, this year I'd try to do a bit of an update every month, (or maybe every other month) on whats been going on with me and my life. So here is what's up...
My current contract is wrapping up soon. Very soon, like next week! This is both a sad and happy time for me. Sad because this contract has been my longest one yet and I have learned so much from the people I've worked with and the shows I've worked on. (I loved working on Grojband!) But it's also a happy time because I am due for a break. I love animation but you do get burnt out sometimes. You need breaks to relax and enjoy other things. I'm excited to sleep in a bit. Take the dog out for super long walks. Paint all day. Do some sewing. Update my shop. Try some DIY's on my blog maybe? Visit some places with Justin. Go on dates during the day etc.

I also have some great news too! I got a new job lined up for mid March. So my break won't be for too long. Just long enough for me to rest up. I am super excited about this new job, it's going to be something a bit different because this is a kids show. Like for little kids, but I'm excited to see how things go and to learn some new things. This also means I'll be working in a studio again. So that'll be something to get used to. No more working from home. I'll miss that.
So yeah, the news of this new job is great because before that I assumed I would be on EI (unemployment) until I found something. This isn't a bad thing, but it would have meant; no new tattoos, no saving money, no movies as often, no 'spending' basically. But now that I know my EI won't be for too long, I can just enjoy it and the first thing I'm doing with my first pay check is getting my next tattoo! Oh how exciting. So many things to look forward to this year. Maybe we'll move? Maybe we'll go on a trip somewhere. Maybe we'll get another dog!

Whats new and exciting with you?


  1. I hope I can work from home someday! I would love that. It's hard not having the extra money for things fun stuff. I am missing that since I quit my job. I look forward to working again so I can have spending money. Enjoy your time off! :)

  2. I recently got a job in the outside world too! And I'm really gonna miss working from home, staying in from the crazy weather and breaktime with my kitties. But I suppose it'll make me remember what a real treat it is when I get the chance to do it again?

    What kind of tat are you saving up for? Still saving for my first one but I'm too much of a coward to actually do it. :(

    1. Going into work and working from home both have their pros and cons. Working from home means there are days and sometimes weeks where I don't see anyone other than my boyfriend and my dog, lol.
      I'm planning on a wolf on my upper arm. Are you afraid to do it because of pain? Or because you don't think you;ll still like it in a year? Get something you've always loved and get it somewhere you can cover it, if you need to. Don't be afraid!


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