Jan 13, 2014

Sketchbook Sketches

It's been so long since I've posted some sketches from my sketchbook. It looks like I only really do it now once or twice a year If I'm lucky. Most of my artwork is done using my cintiq, which is fine... but it doesn't have the same feel. Well here a a couple of sketches I did during Christmas break.
I love how she turned out. I can see her with red or blonde hair.
This one didn't turn out so great but something about her face I really like...
My favourite. This bear wearing a tribal scarf turned out so cute! Can't wait to clean him up and get some prints made of him.
A rough sketch of my plans for a tribal pattern deer. Lines are guides for the rows of designs. Still some tweaking to do but can't wait to get started on this one.


  1. Lovely sketches!!
    For some reason, I really love the deer. I have no like towards deer...which means you did a damn good job! Haha.


    1. Yay, thanks. That makes me very happy. :]

  2. Love your sketches! I've gotta make use (more) of my sketchbook! Love you polar bear with the tribal scarf, so sweet :)

  3. Wow! I especially love the first one.

  4. I love these! Especially that bear, he reminds me of my little brother for some reason.

  5. I love the 2nd one and the bear is awesome!!! I love animals wearing scarfs sometimes I draw them too :)


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