Feb 10, 2014

Photo an hour: February 9th

9AM - 10AM
I was super sleepy so it took me a while to 'wake up'. When I finally did, I got ready for the day.
Met up with some friends to hang out for the day. We were a bit early for sushi so we stopped by the comic book shop first.
Had some yummy sushi!
Taking a street car and the subway to the Aquarium.
2PM - 3:30PM
Chilled at the Aquarium. First time for our friends and Justin. It was super crowded but everyone had fun, I think.

We decided to head to the mall and walk around a bit. I had a really awesome smoothy from Orange Julius. So good and I was so thirsty! And before we went home we had to stop at the other comic book shop too.

We all got home a little before 6PM, we were all tired and called it a day. And by then it was already getting dark anyways. The rest of the night I relaxed on the couch, (almost passed out.) Ate dinner and painted a bit. And that was my Sunday. Not an amazingly exciting day but it was a fun day that was spent mostly out of the house.


  1. this looks like such a fun day! I love going to the aquarium, but I haven't been in so long! and now I want sushi!! haha

  2. Awww I love the photo of the blue lobster (or is it a crayfish?). I used to see blue crayfish at petstores and always wanted one. I even had the name Harvey picked out...so now anytime I see one I automatically call it a Harvey. They're so cute!

  3. Your so lucky to have 2 comic book shops nearby. Looks like a rad day.


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