Feb 25, 2014

Q&A Video

Well here it is... my first video! Well, my first video where you see my face and I'm talking. I know, exciting stuff, right?! Sorry that the quality isn't amazing and it's sort of dark but I was excited about trying this out for the first time. (I don't seem too excited in the video because I was nervous, haha.) Also, I like to say 'Um' and 'So' when I speak and I say them even more when I'm nervous... so, I tried to cut out as many as I could! Anyways I hope you find the video some what interesting or entertaining.

If you have any more questions for suggestions for videos, please let me know! I'm working on a painting time lapse video right now and I'm hoping to have it finished in a week or two. So that is something to look forward to.


  1. cool! I can't wait to see you other paintings with watercolors and gouache I like the softer feel to but I'm not that great at painting lol :)

  2. Love it and your studio backdrop! I want to make the movie to video, too. I'm horrible on camera. It's a common hyperactive right-brain problem. ;p

  3. Yeah, welcome to the fun world of vlogging! :D If you ever need any help or have YouTube related questions let me know, I've been making videos for years! (I love when bloggers vlog or when vloggers blog, I'm such a fan of both worlds!) :)


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