Mar 17, 2014

Life Lately

I feel like I haven't been posting as much as I usually do on here. There's a good reason for that... life! Yes, I've been busy with other stuff, the kind of stuff that is sort of hard to show on a blog sometimes. I thought I'd just do a quick post about some of the things that are going on with me.
You should know that we did the Toronto ComiCon and had a blast! After that I read a bit, did some sketches, painted and watched some movies. The last week or so I've been pretty lazy. Just sitting on the couch or in bed watching bad movies on Netflix. I mean after sewing all those new hair bows for the up coming conventions and all that, I kind of wanted to just do nothing. And that's basically what I've been doing lately. Also, I start my new job today! Nervous and excited, as usual...

Other things happening in the next 2 weeks... I have my first interview at the Humane Society. I'm excited that I got a call back for an interview! Next step after this will be some hands on training, and I'm assuming a few weeks after that I'll be volunteering for real! So, fun stuff. I think I'll be working with the dogs for now. Possibly cats in the future.
I have a small art show I'm going to be selling at at the end of the month. Kind of nervous about that one too because I've never been to it and it's very different looking from the kind of shows and conventions I'm used to. But that might be a good thing. I think I may try to sell some of my prints while I'm there. but we'll see how I'm feeling... I'm also planning to check out the One of a Kind Show too, I've always wanted to check it out and miss it every time.
WIP of my Munny.
Trying out a new thing (to me)... skirts! I've worn skirts in the past before but never liked them. I didn't like dresses either, but now I do! (Or atleast want to give them a chance.) I bought this one from Modcloth as a treat for myself. I like it, a bit long on me but whatever.
And one of my little doodles.

With every new job I have to take a few days or so to get used to the new work flow. So don't be expecting many posts from me, probably for the rest of the month to be safe. Once I get more used to my new work scheduled... yeah I'm back to a 9 - 5 job! Well for now. It also means waking up early and sitting on the bus or train for an hour, but it's okay. I've had to commute farther. 

Anyways that's about it. Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a fun week, it's supposed to start getting warmer. The snow has mostly melted here! :]

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  1. wow good luck in all your new endeavors!!!
    I can't wait to see how your munny turns out and i love your spider girl drawing :)


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